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The Dragon Tree The students walk in rapidly knowing that Proffesor Sprout has some very dangerous plants in her class. She is standing beside a very wide, and old looking tree. The students look at it interested and quiet down.

"Good Afternoon class! I hope you all bought your school supplies for this class!" said Mrs. Sprout. The students automaticly take out their books, quills and parchment.

"Very good! Now onto todays lesson! Plese look at this tree, does anyone know what it is called?" She looks around, and sees a rather long black haired girl raise her hand, "That type of tree is th dragon tree! We have one of those at our house! But im not sure what its good for."

"Very good! Please make jotnotes! This might show up on a quiz! Dragon trees live to be 10,000 years old! They create berries and scarlet blossoms which are used in potions. The 'dragons blood' which is a red sap the tree produces is used on wands as varnish. The dragon tree can be found mainly on the Canary Island. The dragon tree is impervoius to fire, and has actually been known to set fire to other trees. It has sharp sword-shaped leaves. Although this tree is immoblie, it can be moved by a spell. Your homework is on the board"