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Clubs and Groups

Maximum Number of Members: 10
Goal: To help house elves out of their cruel lives of punishment and serving as maids without pay. S.P.E.W. considers this animal cruelty!

Dumbledore's Army
Maximum Number of Members: 15

Goal: To learn Defense Against the Dark Arts secretly and master it.They want to help Dumbledore in the fight against Voldemort and Death Eaters by learning advanced magic.Students only!!

Dueling Club
Maximum number of members:20

To learn how to protect yourself when going against you know who or anyone one else that might kill you.

Animagus Club
Maximum Number of Members: 12
Goal: To be animagus.If you are one of the 12 people to join this club it immeaditly makes you animagus!

If anyone would like to be leader of one of these clubs please sent me an owl with your name, house, club you want to take over, and the web site for the club! 1