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Charms Lesson

Charms Lesson


water made by the aguamenti charm

The students entered the classroom, still chattering excitedly about their first day of school, not noticing Professor Flitwick huddled over her desk, his face lit up eerily by two candles as he studied his teachers guide. Finally, Amanda noticed their Professor, and the class stopped their chatter and watched him closely.

Professor Flitwick looked up at her class and smiled. “I hope you all do well in your first day of school.” she said. Professor Flitwick smiled, “Today’s lesson is practical, meaning it is mostly practising a charm. But first, I want to give you some general information. Does anyone know what the Aguamenti Charm do?" He looks around, and sees a young mouse-hair boy with his hand up, "Please tell me your name", he said as he stood up on a pile of books to see him better. "My name is Nathan, the aquamenti charm is a charm which sends jets of water out of the persons wand." he said excititly "Precially, 5 points to Ravenclaw!"

"The aguamenti charm was invented in 1732 by Neptune Sylvania, a Portugese wizard with a liking towards any aquatic charm. His favourite was the bubblehead charm. The Aguamenti charm sends jets of water out of the tip of your wand. If you tap a cup wish your wand and mutter this spell, the cup will automatically be filled up with water. This charm works great to put out fires and is very useful when encountering dragons." He looks around

"Now then, let's try this spell out now. Grab the goblet next to you and tap it on the rim and pronounce "Aw-gwa-ment-eh". Watch carefully!" he taps his goblet and mutters aguamenti, his goblet fills up with water, all the students watch in awe "Your turn!"

He watches around and only 1 student managed to do the spell. "Very Good! It may take some practise and a great deal of tapping, so i suggest you practise this, and Nathan, a further 5 points for being able to do the charm.

Your homework is due for next class