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Welcome to my web site!

I am Michael Smith, Thank you for your time.


Easter 2003 I hope everyone enjoyed there selves. The

Smith Family.






In Memory Of  John D. Smith and Shirley

Michael's Father Died in 1995, and Shirley

in 2002

John D. Smith Right        Shirley and John Smith

Shirley, John, Donald, Michelle and Chris. Mike's Family.                                       

                                         Above Mike's Daughter

Donald Smith, Brother.       

Tony Smith, Brother





This is Brenda, my wife and her Mother. Wife to the left.

This is Brenda's Father Leo.

This is Tiffany my Daughter. She is 4 years old. She is wearing her new glasses.

This is Brenda's Great Grandmother she is 100 years of age in this picture. Brenda, Tiffany and myself went to her birthday this year. She is in the center.

Ruthann, Taylor, Kurt, Brenda's cousin and Husband and Taylor, Ruthann's daughters son. 

This is Brenda's Cousins Kids. Amy, Taylor, Tara, Kayla, 


This is our dog Babe.

This is our first home.