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Lets see this site is really is just like any other fake website. I will be post true stupid and fake information on the internet but do feel free to use this information in essays for school. Just remeber to site this source so i can take the full heat of the teachers raith. It will be rather funny to see the reaction. So first off the be perfectly honest the sky is green not blue. The waters of this earth are in fact not polluted as we saw in every oil tanker ever to crash. It floats on top of the water if all pollutants do that which i say they do. A simple dumping of 1.3 pounds of dawn should clean the whole problem up. Take that kyoto!!! Second major fact i present is that of the mafia. It is true that they are a great part of our society. In fact I see the future of all the worlds drugs in the control of higher levels of criminal powers. This is just a guess on my part but i feel they may be bored with the control they have on the US justice system. in fact according to facts i just created 2.1 million of the U.S.'s judges have not only served in Brazil but also have no connection in the mafia.