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Pheonix’S Mary Jane

Pheonix’s Mary Jane is a Spanish Mustang cross. Her Dam is a Quarter Horse and her Sire is a Spanish Mustang. She was born on October the 14th, 2001. I purchased her on September the 1st, 2003. She is a Dun with Paint markings. She has one white mark on the inside of her left rear leg; it is in the shape of Texas and Mexico.

She had only been lead broke. I plan to train her for Barrel Racing and Competition Trail Riding. So far I have managed to get her to riding. She is now completely saddle broke with full gear. She is still only a baby so we have not even started running or any type of heavy training. Right now she just walks and is learning voice commands and basic obedience. She has started working around other horses and she is already direct reining really well.

She is working for two to three hours 3 or 4 times a week and her temperament has really been great so far. She has really been very easy to work with she accepts new things very easily and is eager to do right. I am hoping to start short trail rides with her soon. Also I am going to introduce her into the barrels for racing in a few months or so. I hope that she continues to train out the way she has started. I am going to continue with her and gradually increase her work until she is about four years old and then she should be completely trained for anything that might come our way.


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