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a new recruting contest has started! wanna help? Below are the rules!

*You cannot pay anyone nps or brid them to join

*absolutely NO scamming!!!

*Have fun

To give you some ideas on how to get people to join you could...

Put up messages on the notice board

Post messages on the chat boards

Put up trades

Put a message in your userlookup or shop

The point of the recruiting contest is to get as many people as you can to join the guild. you may use a few of the ideas above to do so. the trick is you have to get the person you recruited to neomail Huskyloverxoxo and have them tell her that you recruited them. if she gets a neomail like that she will give you 1 recruiting point. the person with the MOST recruiting points at the end of this month will recive 10,000 nps and a rare item!

The recruiting contest has ended! and the winner is...

she recruited 9 people!

A new recruiting contest will start on October 3rd! get ready!