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This is a site that's only for George Katie shippers. I made this site because I got sick of searching everywhere to find ANY George/Katie fics. are most of the ones that I found in one place! Yay for that, makes it a whole lot easier doesn't it? Yeah, I thought so too.

Anyway, I want to thank all of the authors who let me link to their stories, if it weren't for them I wouldn't really have much of a site now would I? I want to thank my teachers for not giving me any homework tonight so that I can actually update, yes,update this beastly thing.

To my friends from home, is anyone going to the football game friday?? I don't think I can go, I have to watch the dogs while my parents are gone because my sister is a loser and won't let me leave for one night! It won't even be the whole night. Grr...

Random thought of the day: Dancing old people scare me. And aren't graduations supposed to put you to sleep?? One more thing, NEVER hit a dear in a golf cart, just don't do it alright? alright...

Hmm, some one needs to sign my guest book. I get a few emails saying that people like my site, but no one signs the g-book! Sniff sniff, oh well, i'll just sign it myself! Hmph ...anyway.

Umm I think that's it...Oh yeah, Andrea, he DOES have a nice body! Anyone else, just don't ask because it's a reaaaaallly long story and you might be tramatized for life!

Later Gators!

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