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Self Presentation Hi, I am Jacob Hernandez and this is my presentation to let you know a little about me. Three things you should know about me are my background and future plans, my love of making music, and what movies and music I like. First things first, I was born in Lubbock Texas on December the 8th, 1987. My parents are Felipe Hernandez and Alicia Niemeyer and I am the middle child of two brothers Adam who is 20 and Jeremy who is 16. I lived all my life in Lubbock and went to Rush Elementary, Mackenzie Jr. High and graduated from Lubbock High last year. I am currently attending South Plains to attain a degree in sound tech. After I graduate I plan on either staying here and working for a studio or moving to Austin. I eventually want to become a music producer. The next thing you should know about me is that I love writing and making music. I started playing when I received my first guitar in 5th grade. Although I started playing that early, I didnít really pick it up until I was in 7th grade and I got my first electric guitar, an Ibanez Iceman. Since then Iíve become a lot better and gotten a lot more guitars and amps. I also play the bass and very little drums but I mainly stick to the guitar. Iím lucky to live in a house full of music because with my two brothers, we have about 10 guitars 4 of which are acoustics,1 bass, 5 amps, 2 drum sets,1 keyboard , 1 mandolin and we can play them all. Finally, the last thing you should know about me is the type of music, movies and telelvision I like. Comedies are my favorite genre and if they can involve anything from music in them I like them such as Metalocalypse and my favorite movie Wayneís World 2. My favorite genre of music is power metal but I listen to all types of music like ambient and trip-hop. Some of my favorite bands are Opeth, Portishead, Rhapsody, Into Eternity, Dragonforce and Ac/Dc. My favorite T.v. shows are Seinfeld, Metalocalypse, The Simpsons and others that usually fit in between those. So, Blah blah blah.