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Date: February 12, 2004

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Location: Ronald Reagan International Trade Center of Washington DC

YOU are invited to pre-qualify for a very Special Social Networking Affair to meet the African American men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigation! Socialize with FBI hiring managers, recruiters and families in a relaxed atmosphere to get to know the talented men and women of your community who protect our nation, states and communities from terrorism and other crimes!

Meet, Greet, Network and Job Seek all in one setting!

Learn why today's FBI is much different and much more diverse than ever before! The FBI features one of the most Diverse Workforces in the nation!

Determine if your skills can be used to safeguard our neighborhood and communities! Find out if you qualify as a Special Agent or Professional Support team member!

FBI staffers are eager to meet you!

Program Agenda

* From 5pm to 9pm, all pre-qualified candidates will receive a specified appointment time to meet and interact with FBI staffers.