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    Nowadays, people are concern about their safety through their life. Robbery, critical criminal cases, killing and blackmailing would be the phenomenon that occurs through our life. Based on this quandary, but not least as among the best and effective safety private limited company, we successfully upgrading a product based on the conceptual of integrated circuit, relay, and application of digit fundamental, step down transformer and rectifier diode.


                                                    Goods and Chattels


*       Saving energy and reduce cost of electricity only 1mA current is used when the door unlock     and 45mA for the lock door.

*        Easy to use, but guaranteed safe small kids also can use it

*      Cheap, but effectively safe application of electrical engineering, just using the popular   technology , integrated circuit.

*      Provided with the special alarm and LED

*      Come in provided packages home requirement, office dwelling and shop dirigible.

*      Free-of-charge services.