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  • Hello and welcome to Harry Potter Kingdom, HP Kingdom for short and HPK for, well, even shorter. This is a somewhat new website; it was created around the beginning of February, so it's not the biggest site out there, but there are a bunch of things to do. (I recommend checking out the HP Obsession Tests) Anywho, thanks for coming to my site, I hope that you enjoy your stay, and please sign the guestbook! ^_^


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    Welcome to Harry Potter Kingdom

    Harry Potter coins approved by the Queen
    Article by: Gage
    Collector's edition Harry Potter coins (6 in total) have been released to the public. Much like Harry, they are larger than life, as these coins are the same size as a british silver crown (larger than a u.s. silver dollar!) These coins have been approved as legal tender by by the Isle of Man and the Queen of England! You can see and buy them here!

    Harry Potter College in Maryland
    Article by: Gage Beavers, who hopes to become one of HPK's Newsposters

    A three credit -honers seminar this fall at Frost Berg University offering fans of J.K Rowling`s popular novels anoppertunity to study the links between magic and science could antigravity research and create a flying broom stick? Can Fluffy three headed dog be explained by genetic engineering?
    These are some of the questions physics Professer George R.Plitnik is exploring with 15 students, mostly juniors and seniors. He says the class is not all fun and games, despite his denchant for dressing up as professer Albus Dumbledor. "This is not somthing where you just show up and talk about Harry Potter and get a grade," Plitnik said before donning his black wizard`s hat and robe for a recent session. "this is a college-level class."


    Do you think it is possible to make a 2 1/2 hour movie out of the book Goblet of Fire? Sure it is, but they are going to have to cut out a WHOLE LOT of the story... and that is what Warner Brothers is planning to do.

    If you do not like this idea, sign the petition and send letters to WB letting them know that we HP fans are not happy with this decision. In order to do justice to this great book, the movie needs to be at least 3+ hours.

    Tell your friends, and spread the word to other HP sites if you've got a moment.

    Click on the button above to read all about it, and sign the petition. It would be just unacceptable if such a pivotal part of the series were cut so short! That's why I signed, please do so too!

    Quidditch World Cup Game
    Article by: Mike

    The quidditch world cup game, which will be featured on the Nintendo Gamecube, has unveiled 4 screenshots showing the gameplay and main screen of the game. Enjoy! Thanks, Nintendo Power, for providing the screenshots.
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4

    Neville Longbottom's Website
    Article by: Mike

    Neville Longbottom, better known as Matthew Lewis in real life, has recently launched his own site, featuring pictures, email, and about himself. Take a look at it! http://www.matthewlewisonline.co.uk

    Hogwarts Express Cleaned Up
    Article by: Mike

    The hogwarts express, which, as you may know, was vandalized by London pranksters a week or two ago, has been cleaned up at an estimated total cost of $4850. It could have been worse, but apparently the pranksters were distracted before they reached the steam engine. The Hogwarts express will continue its normal train route later this week.

    Posted by: SweetCyd
    Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that about the little things you might have noticed on HPK! First of all, HPK has a newsposter, Mike! He'll be letting everyone know about the lastest HP news with articles that will be posted on the main page! Then the newest addition to HPK's staff is Aaron, HPK's graphic designer. He designed HPK's awesome new banner! So thanks a lot to them for joining the staff!
    But that doesn't mean that HPK doesn't need any more staff members! Go here to see what positions there are and apply for a job!
    Also, relating to HOL, I really need some help on that, so if you think that you know enough about the magical world to be a teacher, click here to become one! And, also, if you would be willing to help me with HOL as Hogwarts On-Line's Official Cordinator, then click here to apply for that job!
    Well, that's about it, please look out for things from HPK's new staff members, and don't hesitate to apply to become one yourself! ^_^

    P.S. I know that you guys are looking out for the HPK's domain name, which by the way, will be harrypotterkingdom.tk by the majority vote; there are, uh, technical difficulties, but I'll let you know as soon as it's cleared!

    September 7, 2003:
    Hogwarts Express Recently Vandalized
    Article By Mike

    The Hogwarts Express may be a famous train, but it's as used as any other train in the world. So, like any other train in the world, it's kept in a depot, in the Express's case, Olton Hall. Our sources tell us that vandals jumped the gates at Olton and painted graffiti on the carriages of the Express, signing their work as "Slobs". They were disturbed before reaching the steam engine, and luckily, no major harm has been done.

    Click for full story

    ATTENTION: HPK is now hiring! The following positions are availiable: HTML experts, graphic designers,game designers, news finders/posters, HOL cordinador, site promoters, boards moderators and more! Click here to apply! Note: must be at least 14 to be hired.

    Updated: all the time!