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Welcome to Transfiguration! Today we will be studying the 3rd book. i sure hope you have a copy lurking around somewhere. If not, search for the Harry POtter Lexicon on the internet.

I have not introduced myself yet. My name is Professor Allis and i will be your transfiguration teacher. The grading will be as follows; for each correct answer, your house will be awarded 10 points. There will be no punishment for unfinished homework. However, if u want to be a good contribution to your house, i suggest that you do your homework. Neo-mail your answers to lotheowyn (if you are in the guild ~*~*Hogwarts School of WAW*~*~) or __m_a_t_r_i_x__ (if you are in the guild ~*~*MATRIX AND HARRY POTTER*~*~) no later than June 1st.

  1. What animal could Sirius Black transform into? What was his nickname?

  2. What animal could James Potter change into? What was his nickname?

  3. What animal could Peter Pettigrew change into? What was his nickname?

  4. What was Lupin? What was his nickname?

  5. What is the name that you call someone who has the ability to transform into an animal at will?

Neo-mail your answers ASAP to lotheowyn!good luck!


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