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Guild Page (a.k.a. Hogwarts!)

Welcome to the Guild Page!

I have decided to move most of the guild stuff here so keep checking back if the guild itself on neopets has not been updated. There are many Links on the bottom of this page leading to other guild sites, like classes.
5-27-2003 welcome back _hbk_rules_10! i am very busy right now so things here might not be updated either...sorry :)
5-21-2003 welcome smilygurl295 and gemshopper90!!!
5-15-2003 cookiekaci and xtreamcool have left the guild. 100 points from gryffindor.
5-15-2003 welcome cookiekaci! new gryffindor!

welcome gemshopper90! new ravenclaw!!

also i have a triwizard trivia class, its a lot of questions and gives you a lot more points than other classes :)
5-13-2003 please go to the neopets guild page (link below under the "links" section) to read about the new raffle i havee set up! neomail me if you are interested so that i know that you are going to try to make the requirements! thank you!
5-12-2003 So far I have created a few classes. Remember, if you would like to volunteer to teach a class in any way, please neo-mail lotheowyn to see which positions are open.
These are the poll results for the "What Should I Complete First" Poll:

Classes: 2 votes
Question Contest: 1 vote
Triwizard Tournament: 0 votes
Common Rooms: 0 votes

Therefore, i will be making as many classes as possible. The Question Contest has already been started since it was easy to make. I will be starting the triwizard tournament once i get enough members. Then, if i can find someone to help me, i will try to make common rooms.

Guild Links

Guild Homepage (Neopets)
Sorting Hat
Guild Page (the actual)
Triwizard Tournament
Question Contest