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Flying Lessons

Welcome to Flying Class! i hope that you will do you homework and be a good contribution to your house. For each correct answer you get 10 house points! Neo-mail your answers to lotheowyn (if you are in the guild ~*~*Hogwarts School of WAW*~*~) or __m_a_t_r_i_x__ (if you are in the guild ~*~*MATRIX AND HARRY POTTER*~*~) no later than June 1st.
1. What was the name of Harry's first broom?

2. How was Harry's first broom stripped into pieces?

3. Who gave harry his second broom?

4. What was harry's second broom called?

5. Name all of the Quidditch positions and name how many people play each position.

6. What is the color of Gryffindor's quidditch robes?

7. Name each player on the Gryffindor Team and their position.
Good Luck!


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