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Defense Against the Dark Arts

Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, class. Let me introduce myself. My name is Professor Krimpin. Homework will be assigned weekly or bi-weekly. If you do your homework, for each question you get right, you get 10 points.

Neo-mail your answers to lotheowyn no later than July 15th.

  1. What was a boggart, according to Hermione?

  2. What defeats a boggart? name a spell, and the thing itself.

  3. Why did Harry learn so many curses and hexes in his 4th year?

  4. What was Professor Lockhart's favorite color?

  5. Who did Harry, Hermione, and Ron think was going to steal the sorcerer's stone in the first book?

That's all for now! Neo-mail your answers to lotheowyn! Do your homework quickly and good luck!


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