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Care of Magical Creatures

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures. My name is Professor Joyclion. I hope that more people do their classes this time!

This is the homework. Neo-mail your answers to lotheowyn no later than July 15th. for each correct answer you earn your house 10 points.
1. What happened to Malfoy during Hagrid's first class?

2. How did Buckbeak escape, and how did his escape save another person?

3. After Hagrid lost his confidence (in Harry's third year), what creatures did they learn about?

4. In Harry's fourth year, what creatures did Rita Skeeter call "Bang-Ended Scoots"?

5. What did nifflers do? Whose niffler dug up the most gold coins?

6. What prize did Hagrid give that person?


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