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~~***TRIWIZARD TRIVIA***~~ (updated June 16th, 2003)

Welcome to TRIWIZARD TRIVIA! this class is a little added bonus! each correct answer will get you 15 points--5 more than other classes! this is a good way to get house points! neomail your answers to lotheowyn!

only 2 people did their homework for last class! i hope that everyone will do their homework this time! congrats to didypie88 and aquarianangel0024 for doing their homework!
1. Why was the Triwizard Tournament stopped for a while?

2. What three schools participated in the tournament?

3. Who were the headmasters of those schools?

4. In what book did the Triwizard Tournament take place?

5. How did Barty Crouch (Jr.) escape from Azkaban?

6. What was Winky really doing when she said she was saving a seat for Crouch?

7. Who put the Dark Mark into the sky? What incantation did they say?

8. Why did Ron pretend to not believe Harry when he said that he didn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire?

9. What happened when Harry and Voldemort dueled?

10. H

11. What riddle did the sphinx tell Harry?

hurry hurry!


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