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to Care of Magical Creatures. My name is professor Melanie I will be teaching you the proper care for many different creatures. Since It's the Hoilday season I decided to decorate my classroom. Hope you like it.

Todays lesson is on the Ashwinder. An ashwinder will slither out of a magical fire if the fire is allowed to burn without supervision for too long. Ashwinders only live for an hour. They are grey with red eyes. Ashwinders will leave an ash trail behind them as they search for a dark spot to lay their eggs. If these red eggs are not found within minutes the house will catch on fire. If found, freeze the eggs with a charm, the eggs can be used in love potions, or eaten whole as a cure for ague.

  • What color are Ashwinders?
  • Why must ashwinders be found right away if in a house?
  • Why are ashwinder eggs useful?
  • Would you like to have an ashwinder as a pet? why or why not?

    Bonus: What does ague mean?

    neomail your completed homework to Crazy_couple
    Homework is due by Fri. Dec. 9
    Homework is worth 20 housepoints

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