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Welcome to Hogwarts Castle and to the Guild!

We are happy that you have decided to join us.
If you are NEW then, please go directly to the SORTING HATwhich can be found in the "Great Hall" and take the short quiz. Once that is done, soon afterwards you will be sorted into your new house. Then you can go to the class page which is on the "Staircases" and do some homework to earn your house some house points and even go into your houses common room (Great Hall) and chat with others from your house.

PLEASE read the RULES so that you are well informed of what we expect from you!

We also have a donation shop. Please consider donating some of your neopoints/items. We use this money to pay for games and to hopefully soon pay for our Professors for their great job in teaching the many classes that we offer here at Hogwarts!

Good Luck!
Well then, off you go to explore!