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(Picture is from The Goblet of Fire Movie Set!)

Ok Tri_Wizard Players here is your task before you. You must try and answer more questions then the other people you are competing against. The one who answers the most questions correctly is crowned the Tri_Wizard Champion and will represent our guild in the Tri_Wizard Tournament!!!

1.Who gives Ron his Owl?

A. Sirius Black
B. Percy Weasley
C. Hagrid
D. Mr. Weasley

2. Who drives the Knight Bus?

A. Stan Shunpike
B. Cho Chang
C. Ernie Prang
D. Dedalus Diggle

3. When did the 3rd task take place?(GOF)

A. June 24th
B. July 26th
C. June 20th
D. July 18th

4. What is nameon the store front used to hide St. Mungo's?

A. Borgin & Burkes
B. Wildy & Woods
C. Purge & Dowse
D. Morgan & Llewellyn

5. What level in the Ministry of Magic was Harry's trial supposed to be on?

A. 4
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7

6. During all the excitement in the Ministry of Magic, what was the first spell cast by a death eater?

A. Stupefy
B. Accio Prophecy
C. Reducto
D. Petrificus Totalus

7. Who was the death eater that cast the spell?

A. Malfoy
B. Rookwood
C. Crabbe
D. Bellatrix

8. In Quidditch how high are the goal posts?

A. 40'
B. 25'
C. A Mile
D. 50'

9. Who is Ludo Bagmans brother?

A. Otto Bagman
B. Otter Bagman
C. Barty Bagman
D. Arnold Bagman

10. What is the definition of XXXXX classification?

A. Known wizard killer
B. Competent Wizard should cope
C. Harmless
D. Boring

11. When was the first recorded sighting of an Acromantula?

A. 1832
B. 1748
C. 1794
D. 1685

12. Ashwinders are smoke from a magical fire that takes the form of what animal?
A. Snake
B. Rat
C. Owl
D. Lizard

13. Where do Augureys originate from?

B. Canada
C. Ireland
D. South America

14. Which candy is made from a Billywig?

A. Bliiies Fizz
B. Needle Licorish
C. Stort Billygum
D. Fizzing Whizbees

15. Which beasts is considered the most dangerous in the world?

A. Basilisk
B. Murtlap
C. Acromantula
D. Nundu

PLEASE SEND IN THE ANSWERS ONLY!!! You can use the link below! Good Luck! Kat


Owl Kat when you have completed the task!