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Hi my name is Rahul and I have been trying to find out a way of increasing height since 1990. Now at 30 years of age I have discovered a homeopathic medicine to increase height at any age. This medicine goes very deep into the system and effect remarkable results resulting in actual height increase beginning 10 days of taking the medicine. Only ONE dose is to be taken in a month which has its effect lasting for 30 subsequent days. My offer for selling is totally honest and fool proof. I send you the homeopathic dose free for you to take it. It is only one dose about a pinch or quantity or 10 little sugar pills homeopathic dose. This works for one full month. So I send you this dose and you see its' effects for one month. If you grow and you are satisfied you pay me for subsequenty doses. So you pay only if you are convinced that you have grown and not before. In the past I have tried everything with no results including yoga, growth hormone injections, even considered limb lengthening surgery once but was scared of the prospects of being handicapped for one full year and pains when those steel wires and rods are drilled into your bones, stretching exercises which gave temporary results, ayurvedic medicines, all types of pills and lotions sold by quacks, etc. Now at 30 finally I discovered a homeopathic formula to grow an adult to any height, though I have not tested this on any subject how much you can grow because it has been only two months that I discovered this. Height increases at a rate of approximately 2 inches in one month. So anyone can have their desired height. Also this medicine is free of any side effect. Try this before you consider limb lengthening surgery !!! A lot cheaper and better alternative. Contact me for adult height increase at any age at my email Thanks and God bless