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    Hey I also have a Microsoft PowerPoint version with  Spark Notes on it so it you would like that I can E-mail it to you if you ask.

Just so you know I am doing this because I hate English and if I had to read this stupid book I don’t think any one else should. There is also probably a lot of spelling errors so deal with it. So this is the best way I can help and I hope to have Romeo + Juliet on soon. Thank you I hope this helps and I would appreciate feedback you cam e-mail me at

Stage I.

Chapter 1-7

Pip goes to the graveyard to see hi parents and five brother’s graves.

Pip with the description on the tombstones thinks about what they look like

Pip when he meets the escaped convict is scared bit intrigued and interested which is why he obeys him.

Pip sister is a mean person that brought him up by hand (she would hit him when he did some thing wrong) she in some ways feels burdened by the fact that she must raise pip.

Joe is a nice looking mind mannered person with no education.

Pip sister would hit them with the tickler (a cane).

Joe and pip are both uneducated.

Pips sister blames here agony on the men in the family.

The convict makes pip get food and a file for him to get the iron off his leg which is a metal weight put on convicts legs to slow them down.

He also makes him get him some brandy.

Pip gets file from Joe who is a blacksmith and some brand and fills the bottle back up with tare water.

Mr. Pum (Pumblechook) drinks he tare water and gets sick.

Pip goes back to give his convict the supplies and sees a second convict but him eventually finds his convict.

Guards come to house to have Joe fix hand cuffs and go in search of convicts.

Come back and sees the convicts fighting.

The take both the convicts back to the ship.

They Joe hove and tell the story to the guests.

Pip realizes the next day he wants to learn education from Biddy mainly because no one else has one.

Good VS. Evil- V giving food to a needy person but they are a convict.

Chapter 8-12

Mr. Pum. Sells veggies

Pip goes to Pums house for the night so he can go to Mrs. H’ house tomorrow.

Pum treats him badly.

Estella is mean and calls him boy

Estella in Mrs. Hs adopted child

Mrs. H looks down upon pip

Estella is pip light thought the dark and gloomy house. (mentally and physically)

Her reason for having a child is to make her a heartbreaker of men for what happened to her.

(some people think the hands not the eyes are the window to the soul)

Pip conceders his hands and boots common and thinks of them as separate items.

This makes him feel bad and low

His sister makes him think he is nothing.

End of chapter 8 Pip is determined not to be common he challenges society.

When pip gets home he tells Pum a story so he would not be questioned.

Chapter 13

Joe goes to Hs house but talks through pip.

She gives him 25 guineas to form a apprenticeship with Joe

In turn lowered his expectations.

He is not allowed to visit Mrs. H.

Joe gives all money to Mrs. Joe

They go to the blue boar to celebrate.

Chapter 14

Pip dose not tell us how he feels (so many lies).

Pip fears when he is at his most common Estella will see him.

Pip is ungrateful for everything.

Chapter 15

The song he sings foreshadows his time in London.

Joe is taught by pip but it doesn’t work.

Pip asks Joe if he can go to Mrs. Hs house to thank her not for money but he really wants to go to see Estella.

Pip gets the day off.

Orlick also wants the day off Mr. Joe said no they fight.

Sarah pocket answerers the door not Estella.

Estella is living abroad.

She is out of reach from him.

They leave with Pum and go to Wopsle and act out a play.

Cannon boomed and that meant a convict escaped.

Nothing good happened in the chapter.

Chapter 16

Mrs. Joe is attacked

With a leg iron.

Paper at Jolly Bargeman shows that pup is pips benefactor.

Pip thinks it was orlick who hit Mrs. Joe.

He has an alibi.

Mrs. Joe draws a hammer on a slate.

Chapter 17

Estella, Joe, Biddy always compared.

Pip gets one guinea for hid B-Day.

Biddy shows interest in pip.

Pip doesn’t like her.

He wants a better life so he wants Estella.

Biddy is sad.

Chapter 18

Pip is in his apprenticeship for 4 years.

Jaggers is a lawyer.

Jaggers wants to offer him property

He is removed from his home to become a gentleman.

*Jaggers is same man with the file from Blue Boar.

This is the start of his Great expectations.

A way out of being common

He can only go under 3 conditions

1) His benefactors name must stay unanimous.

2) He must keep the name Pip.

3) Never ask or talk about who his benefactor is.

Jaggers is pips new guardian.

New tutor is matt pocket.

Mrs. Joe is happy to see him leave.

But gives him luck

He goes to church to think about his convict.

He is glad no one knows about the convict

Joe refuses the money from jaggers for his loss.

Chapter 19

Pip leaves in 6 days.

Pip and Joe burn his apprenticeship papers.

He tells Biddy to help Joe with his learning.

Pip tells Biddy she is confused

She is not happy

Mr. Tabb didn’t have time for pip

Until pip has money

Even Pum treats him different

He tells Joe this in not good-bye.

* The village pip lives in is a symbol of the Garden of Eden. The money is a symbol of the forbidden fruit.








Stage II.

Chapter 20-25

The city foreshadows his mental spirit.

The town is bad so is his spirit.

Herbert thinks Estella is (tartar)

Pip finds out about jaggers.

Mrs. H trusts him

Takes care of her money

Matt Pocket dose not go to visit Mrs. H

Mrs. Hs brother was not a good person so the family fortune went to her

Matt Pocket told her to buy out his company

· He tells him to never to come back that it was a bad idea.

· He didn’t go away.

Herbert thinks pips benefactor is Mrs. H.

Goes to pockets which they have 7 children

Herbert confesses that he has ran out of money

Pip is sickly happy that Herbert’s expectations are completely out of reach. His dreams of being rich.

Drummle and startop are also pockets students

· Startop is young and nice

· Drummle is older and a bully.

The maids run the household of the pockets.

Mr. Pocket is stupid and at dinner tried to lift himself out of his chair by his hair.

Matt is pips tutor.

Matt is educated and has traveled but now he edits and combines books.

Mrs. H is high social status.

Jaggers conducts business by bulling them.

Pip moves in with Herbert.

Matt pocket tutors him

They get along as friends

Welmick tries to take care of portable property such as rings and jewelry.

He gets it from befriending convicts right before they are executed.

Every one he defends is guilty

He can make anyone feel some guilt.

"Every man feels some guilt".

Drummle resembles orlick.

He has rich parents and dose not care if people like him or not.

Welmicks house is like a small castle it has:

· A mote

· Gothic doors

· Lives with his father.


Chapter 26

jaggers lives in a large neglected house

He only lives on the 1st floor.

Housekeeper is molly.

He has a bad habit of cleaning his hands all the time

The reason for this is because he is cleaning the guilt from the convicts off of him.

All dirty business mentally cleans his mind.

All students go to dinner.

He calls Drummle –Spider

Molly resembles the witch from Macbeth.

They all talk about who is richer and who is stronger pip brags the most.

Jaggers said molly is the strongest and her scars on her wrists are so big.

The theme of this chapter is violence.

Molly was a victim of violence but is now strong.

Jaggers tamed her by making her feel guilty.





Chapter 27

Pip gets a letter from Biddy. Joe is coming with Wopsle

Pips property makes him more of a gentleman.

He is more of the person he wants to be like.

Joe tells pip Estella is home.

Estella wants to see him

Pip is ashamed by Joe he doesn’t want to be seen with him by Drummle.

Joe doesn’t want to be seen either.

On the way hove he sees the convict from the Blue Boar that gave him the money.

Chapter 28

The convict doses not recognize him because pip is in nice cloths.

Pips convict gave him the 2 pounds.

Pip stays at the Blue boar

He becomes arrogant and a jerk

Pip feels guilty and like a criminal for not staying or even going to see Joe and Biddy.

Pip feels guilty for breaking the bond with Joe.

Chapter 29

The convict doses not recognize him because pip is in nice cloths.

Pips convict gave him the 2 pounds.

Pip stays at the Blue boar

He becomes arrogant and a jerk

Pip feels guilty and like a criminal for not staying or even going to see Joe and Biddy.

Pip feels guilty for breaking the bond with Joe.



Chapter 30-31

Welmick is in a play in Denmark which he is very bad but he doesn’t think so.

Hamlet (pip thought it was ok though)

He gets a letter from Estella

He goes to the train station 5 hours early.

He meets Welmick at the station and they go to Newgate Prison.

Pip thinks about all the injustice and corruption in hi life.

Estella tells pip that she is staying in Richmond

He is happy because he will be able to see her more often.

He kisses her for the second time.

Worpsels great expectations are within reach.

They are bases on theater

Pip becomes a mean snob

Chapter 32-33

Pip is guilty of coining

He is pretending to be something he is not

Estella is mad at Mrs. H she realizes all the heartbreaking she did and now she wants Estelle to settle down.

Chapter 34-39

Estella is similar to molly

His sister has died

This is a big burden in pips life to go back home.

She wanted Joe to ask for forgiveness for him to Biddy.

Biddy now calls him Mr. Pip

He is not within reach.

Orlick is working at a rock quarry (like Fred Flintstone but without the dinosaurs).

Pip is flat broke

Pip is now 21

He gets 500 pounds.

He will also get this amount every year and jaggers will not control pips money.

Mrs. Skiffens is ugly

Wilmick is a shipping person

Pip visits Estella and they will visit Mrs. H and Mrs. H wants Estella to give her heart to a man.

Pip lives with Joe and Biddy

They get back to London and pip finds out Estella is seeing Drummle.

Pip is now 21

The weather is reflecting the mood of the moment.

Abel Magwitch (pips Convict from Ch 1) shows up at pip apartment and he is pips benefactor.

This makes him sad that he now knows that he was now meant to be with Estella.




















Stage III.


Chapter 40-45

Pip thinks that Compeyson has followed him home.

Magwitch stays with pip.

He is now to be called provis for secrets.

He goes to jaggers to confirm he is his benefactor.

They need to find him a place to stay and hide.

Herbert comes back from a business trip.

Pip is afraid that if he dose not take Magwitch’s money that he will turn himself in to be hanged.

They decide the convict will stay for now.

Pip asks him about the 2nd convict.

Magwitch’s first memory was of stealing money.

Magwitch at one time was a gentleman.

Compeyson wanted Magwitch to do all of his coining.

Arthur warns Magwitch about Compeyson.

Because when they were caught Compeyson was proper he only got ½ the time.

Magwitch vowed he would in one way or another he would overcome social injustice.

Compeyson is a bad person and Magwitch is good.

Magwitch gave him the money to become a gentleman this was his way to get back at society.

They house Magwitch up the river for easy travel

Pip becomes ungrateful for all Magwitch has done for him.

Chapter 46-48

Pip is trying to salvage his life.

Trying to salvage Herbert’s life much like Magwitch did for pip.

Campbell is Magwitch’s new name.

Pip got a boat to row up and down the river so people get use to seeing them.

Magwitch sends pip an envelope of money but sends it back.

Pip for money sells his jewelry.

Pip while rowing thinks about Estella and Magwitch’s enemies.

He goes to dinner at Wemmick’s to se Estella.

Realizes that molly is Estella’s mother.

Molly killed her husband lover and they thought her child, but not her child.

The marks on her wrist are from the girl she strangled.

If pip dose not take Magwitch’s money the state will get it.

Estella and Drummle get married.

Pip is being followed by Compeyson.

Chapter 49-59

Pip gets a letter telling him to go to the marshes.

Pip is caught by orlick who intends to burn him alive.

Orlick is mad at him because:

· Stole Biddy away.

· Fired from Satis house.

Orlick works with Compeyson.

He realizes that Magwitch treats him better than he treats Joe.

Herbert, startop, and tabs boy rescue him.

Wednesday they row up river.

Another boat comes and Magwitch and Compeyson fight, Compeyson is killed.

Magwitch is arrested.

His pleas for him to get new cloths.

Magwitch is not worried about pip because he was proved himself.

Magwitch has two broken ribs and a punctured lunge.

Pip tells him about Estella and that he loves her.

A change has come over pip he comes to the conclusion that he can not reach his great expectations.

He ha ended how he started out to be.

Pip becomes deathly ill.

Debtors come to take him away but he is to sick.

Joe comes.

He said Miss Havisham has died.

All her futon goes to Estella, four thousand for matt pocket.

Joe pays off all pip debt.

Joe still calls him sir.

They have lost the love they once had.

Herbert find out what pip did for him.

Pip goes to Egypt for eleven years.

Joe and Biddy get married

Wemmick’s father and Miss Skiffens get married.

Joe and Biddy have a chilled named pip.

Estelle and Drummle are no more.

Drummle is dead he attacked a horse.

Satis house is sold and tore down.

Estella is sad and lonely.

Estella asks pip if the can still be friends even long distance.

He said not long distance why can’t we be together.

They took hand and walked into the mist.

He believes they will never part.

2nd Ending

pip meets Estella in London

Drummle is dead.

Estella is married to a doctor.

They exchange pleasantries.

They talk but can’t be together.

The End.