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FUN WITH GREEN/Herb hint hint :or without 1)Meditate: Find a quiet place, doing breathing exercises was good way to achieve meditation. After a while you will feel relaxed enough to feel a stillness where you are no longer thinking about anything in particular then body starts to feel light. 2)The brow chakra The brow chakra is responsible for how we see things; it lies slightly and above the eyebrows and is the place of wisdom and inner visions i.e. our imagination. The brow chakra is represented to be a purple circle. The feelings associated with this energy point are I know and I see and is the stillness of body and mind. Concentrate on this spot while you are visualising and meditating. 3)Visualise How to visualise first concentrate on brow chakras. Very important first look at the picture cheeking all the details till you can see it in your minds eye sights smells textures. To help: Cut this picture in half and try to visualise the other side of face till you donít need picture any more 4)Telepathy Silence your mind and concentrate on your brow chakra. Visualise a light from your mind to personís brow chakra. (all thoughts and emotions etc.coming towards you). Clear your mind of your emotions and the thoughts. From now on come from that person concentrate longer observing thoughts, smells, feeling, and pictures.etc Write in dairy. 5)Outer body experience: Relax Smoke a joint breath in and out for 5 minutes till your and visualise your self floating out of your body in the room you are in. see your self floating and then push yourself into the visualisation of yourself as your are already out of your body and meditate on that as if your physical body does not exist Be patient as it in some cases take up to an hour to ten minutes. Explore your surroundings objects and what is written on them. Do this for at least nine days till you get use to it? Then concentrate on person till you arrive at place.