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The Order of the Pheonix

Book 5 takes the series to a darker, more serious level, as we see Harry's attitude and feelings change dramatically as J.K. Rowling takes us deeper and deeper into the fight between good and evil. Normally safe at the Dursley's, Harry suffers an almost fatal dementor attack before being taken to the secret headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, a special group of wizards united in their efforts to defeat Voldemort and his followers. At the headquarters, Harry runs into Kreacher, a vile, horrible house elf and also Sirius' mother, who never misses an oppurtunity to scream the house down. Our hero returns to Hogwarts, where things begin to get ever more perilous as he encouters terrifying dreams, a teacher with an attitude like venom and corruption of the highest level and all the time, Harry still can't find out what exactly lies in the Department of Mysteries. Even more exciting things happen in Harry's fifth year, including a large revelation from Hagrid, and a new subject teacher that tries to land on his four feet (no pun intended!). Harry has to partake in deadly detentions, secret meetings with fellow students and he gets banned from one of the things he loves the most. But it's not all gloom and doom! Fred and George give us a spectacular array of laughs gasps, Ron achieves something he's been wanting to for ages, we find out once and for all what pulls the Hogwarts carriages and Harry gets his first moment of love! We see several new characters, some we hate, some we love and some we suspect. We go to new magical places, see new magical spells and see what it is like to sit Hogwarts OWL tests. Harry's life becomes ever more perilous as the book goes on, when he finds himself in the Ministry of Magic under direct threat from some of the most feared creatures in the magical world: Voldemort's death eaters. In a showing of bravery, skill and courage, our hero and his friends fight and fight and Harry comes face to face with an extremely dangerous death eater. And if you want to know more, read the book. It's filled with tragedy, happiness, suspense and creativity and should not be missed by any Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was awaited by millions of fans for 3 years. When it came out, it created a worldwide phenomenom and shattered previous pre-order records. Hundreds of thousands of people queued outside book stores on June 20th, 2003 until the clock struck midnight, and they were able to go inside and buy a copy of the book that they had been waiting for. The first four books were a success, and it's obvious from the reviews and sales figures that book 5 is so exception.

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