The Eclectic Mindset

If you've never been here before, WELCOME! I would especially like to welcome my friends, both here in the USA and OVERSEAS. I will hopefully have a gallery of friends on my site soon... WELCOME TO MY HOMEPAGE and THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE!

As the name of my site implies, there is a variety of subject matter on here that is held together by a thin thread. That thread is the warped mind of a madman, because it all relates perfectly to me and my mindset. If at first, there is hardly anything on here, be patient, because I am a working man, a (future)husband, a father, and a son. Any of you that have these things in your life can easily relate. It might take a while, but I'm hoping to create a website that is as diversified as I am, even if it means tripping over my own feet now and then. I am learning more about HTML programming, because I don't like having to use those cheesy symbols to put breaks in my paragraphs... So it might take me a while to get it all changed, but I'm trying to make it better all the time!

Anyway, let me tell you what you might expect to find on this site, and maybe a little about myself, too. As for the site, you can never tell what tickles my fancy, and therefore you can never tell what you will find on here. One directory could be Celtic Lore and art, the next could be Oriental philosophy, the next could be Tantric breathing exercises, and you should be getting the picture. I plan on having Items and Information on here that range from the breathtakingly beautiful, to the absolutely absurd. You might find it all absurd, but if you do, you have no sense of humor, no love for life, and need to create your OWN web site, where boring people can go to get a good dose of boredom...

Anywho, This page is going to be an ongoing trek to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and you might accidentally find yourself in agreement with a majority of my likings once or twice. I hope to keep this updated and growing within the limits I set upon myself (or rather Angelfire sets on me), and I hope you enjoy yourself while walking along our mystical, mesmerizing, and mind-numbing path together.

It may seem that there is hardly anything on here, and that's true, but there is more than meets the eye right now, because I've combined all of my HEALTH RELATED ISSUES into one directory. There is now an index dedicated to my Military outlook on life, and I've also included another on Crystals and Crystal Balls!!! Crazy stuff, Huh? I told you that I would have a wide array of information on here! Anyway, you might want to check them out if you own or are thinking about getting into the Amazing world of Crystals, enjoy aspects of the Military and the Intelligence Community, or believe that Health is more than a doctor shoving pills down your throat! So if you want to see what I've got to offer, check out the links below!

...And if it harm none, let it be done!

Blessed Be!


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