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13 November 2005

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What is the Echoesverse?

The Echoesverse is the nickname coined by the authors for the universe Echoes of the Gods (EotG) and its related stories are set in.

EotG and its related works are fanfiction, heavily based in the Harry Potter universe (pre book 6), but with a dash of a few others, and some original characters thrown in as well.  With the exception of the Harry Potter universe, story cannon is often twisted to suit our own purposes.

Summary: Set shortly after Harry's 17th birthday.  Harry and Draco are together and living with some familiar and not so familiar characters.  What does the coming year have in store for them and their unlikely companions?  More then they probably ever realised.

A story involving wizards, vampires and elves, to name a few, where plot twists abound.  While not a Harry/Draco centric story, the pair are quite important in the overall plot.

News Current Updates
13 Nov 2005

There are new updates for both EotG and EotP. The first installment of the new prequel, The Turning, is also up.

For the moment all new updates will be made to Forever Fandom, though there will be links to the correct pages via the Stories page. This is because it's faster to update at FF and I feel is the best way for me to keep everything up to date while school is in session.  I'll try to get everything updated to insight pages during the break between semesters in December.


The story is currently updated through 30 September 1997 in Echoes of the Gods and 30 September 1997 in Echoes of the Past.

The first installment of The Turning, is now up.

Updates will be coming out about one a week, on Sundays, more if I have time.

The Cast

The Stories

Made up of humans, vampires, elves and more, the cast of the Echoesverse is an eclectic collection of original characters and characters borrowed from works such as Harry Potter, and a handful of video games including Blood Omen and the Warcraft series.

You can find out about individual characters on the Cast page, or about their races on the Peoples of Edrel page.

The main story is Echoes of the Gods, which follows our main cast of characters.  Along with it are a series of vignettes, the side story Echoes of the Past, and a number of other miscellaneous works, including an eventual third series, which are always growing in number.

The Art Gallery

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The Art Gallery has now been split up into two galleries, separating out the spoiler art from the non-spoiler art.

In keeping with the spirit of the new gallery system, spoiler art will no longer have a mini-pic on this page when it's posted.

New picture of the Vidalećo, for more info on the species see the new Creatures of Edrel page.

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