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Say it in Verses

"Your Darkness"

You are the embodiment

Of things I thought didn't exist

I drown in your darkness

As you come to me


Clad in black

A serpent in your eyes

Winter in your voice

There is frozen glass between us

Waiting to be melted


You make me see and feel

Sadness and melancholy

Anger and imprisonment

And the beauty

Of you

Why don't you release it

Why don't you free yourself

But I already know the answer

One look of understanding between us

You smile

Turn around

And disappear in your darkness.

by Yvonne



Out of the sky

Fast on its way

His voice calls me at night

I canít deny

I must obey

His terrifying might

He makes me torture

Makes me kill

Without slightest regret

Iím in a rapture

I am still

His voice is in my head

All in the dark

In reverie

Of thought I am bereft

I feel the mark

He put on me

His will is all thatís left

by Yvonne


"The Black Cat"

- Story of an Impossible Love -

Here comes the prince of the night

With his silken, black cloak,

He comes out of the dark

To go to his date with his pale princess.

His glittering eyes alone

Tremble in the darkness,

Two eyes that burn

Like the flames of Hell.

He strides forward along his way,

Steady and strong,

His body moves on his paws of silence.

His princess sits on her throne,

Surrounded by her maids

In their silvery robes.

She's there, beautiful, white but so cold ...

He stares at her with his heart full of love,

And he sings his song for her, for her alone,

A sad song, full of loneliness,

The song about a black cat

And his impossible love

For the beautiful moon,

That he will never reach.

by Alessandra

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