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Reading into the Future of Macbeth

The People who's Fortune's are Going to be Told

The future of the one we call Macbeth!!

I see a spirit, oh yes a spirit indeed. The spirit of a man we know as Macbeth will be back. I see him taking the body of one of a loyal subject of King Malcolm. I see him killing the king and his wife, but when he tries to kill their children, they will not be harmed. However Macbeth will suffer a tragic fate in Hell.

The future of the three witches!!

As i am trying very hard to see the future of the supernatural, it is hard for even the best of the best fortune tellers to see. Ahh, I see it clearly now. The witches will suffer. For the will be burned at the stake because they are the ones who brought Macbeths spirit back.

The future of our dead king, King Malcolm!!

King Malcolm's fate is pleasing at first, but in the end it is tragic. You see, Malcolm will meet a beautiful woman and then marry her. They will have two children (Adam and Julia). Everything will seem great untill Macbeths spirit returns. Malcolm and his wife die with their protection left with their children. A protection not even Macbeth could break through. That was how Macbeth was Banished to a fate in Hell.

The conclusion.

The following is a Conclusion of all three fates put together. Macbeth's spirit will be brought back. And Macbeth in the end will suffer a tragic fate in Hell. The witches will be burned at the stake for bringing Macbeth's Spirit back. And last but not least, King Malcolm will die an honorable death for protecting his children.

By L.A.


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