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Cheapest stuff they got is that little FM Stereo Transmitter for, I think 24.95$. But it´s only a radio, no mp3 player. It´s so small + it can be plugged into the car lighter jack - no more dead batteries! I have ordered one of those and will review later. It has different size memory cards to buy too if I remember correctly.
Mp3 player site claim they sell factory direct, and I belive they hold the price level to prove it. So, if you are after a real score on an mp3 player I´d say: recommended! - This is a great online pharmacy site if you are in the process of trying to find a reliable online pharmacy that have all kinds of medication at really low prices. This is generic stuff, quality medicine manufactured as off brand pills in the same off shore factories as is producing the normal medication we see here in our drugstores - only that it´s soooo cheap! No brand image to pay for! Same stuff, but on the internet!
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