Socom 2 glitches


Go to the opposite team of the team you want to get infinte mines on. First you have to get mines and claymores on the same team. To do that go to the armory, pick the 4th guy, in order: 1st, change his mines/claymores to thermal scope. 2nd change HE Grenade to mines/claymores. 3rd change primary to a non-sniper weapon so where thermal scope was it should now say have <NONE>. Then press ( ) so it says Custom. Then exit out of the game and rejoin, go to the team opposite team u did the thing i just explained on, go to armory, pick the 4th guy and he should have mines and claymores. Now in the game to get infinite mines do this: waste all ur mines. Take out ur claymores, go to armory highlight ur mines, start tapping ( R1 ) then after like 1 second start tapping ( X ) and ( R1 ) at the same time, then when ur guys starts to bend down, start hitting just ( X ). Your guys while bend down, come back up then u will hear a click. If you did it right ur guy will lay a mine.


Climb up the ladder really slow and you will start to climb up in mid-air.


Go to the ladder, go to the side of it so it says climb and ur facing the tank, press X UP( on analog stick )SQUARE TRIANGLE really fast. If done correctly your guy will climb an invisible ladder into the tank then you will prone.


Ok. Get claymores/mines and go to any big box. Have them out and hang on the box. Start to pull up and as ur guy's shoulders get right above the box hit r1 to plant then dont hit anything and your guy will climb into the box.

1ST WAY- this is a glitch for both seal and terrorist in crossroads when u respawn as a seal on ur letf or right there are big stairs if beside it is a sign it is the right stairs! first u must prone and a teammate must crouch and then put ur head in his but and press right on the d-pad it might take 4 tries or so but if u get it right u can see the whole map and shoot people!!!

Do the claymore/mine glitch as i just explained.

2ND WAY- Go on the 1st box of the double box. Have ur grenades out. Throw a grenade at the yellow base of the crane and after a second or 2 start to climb up the top box. If done correctly ur guy will get knocked into the bottom box.

3RD WAY- Go to the bottom box away from the top box a little so it says climb. Start running towards the top box and hit X and at the same time.


A) Get Under Halfwall:

1) First go up to the stairs that leads to the half wall.

2) Take a right at the top of the stairs and head twords the awning.

3) Jump on to the ledge that is right above the awning and prone facing twords the right side of the map.

4) Even out your guy so he is level.

5) Once he is level, Using your d-pad snap out to the right and reload once. Note: it might take a couple of tries before you get used to it but once you get the hang of it, it should be a snap. p>B) Get on tope of the roofs with out clamores or ninja jump:

1) First go out and grab the bomb.

2) Once you have obtained the bomb go and jump over the half wall back onto the seal side.

3) When you are on the seals side of the half wall go to the right of it and face your crosshairs near the ground so you can see both climb and plant bomb.

4) Then you want to plant the bomb first by tapping x then right after tap x again to climb.

5) You should start to go down to plant the bomb and once you are doing that you should rotate your crosshairs up to the top right corner near the vines that are close to the roof and you should climb up it.

6) Once your guys climbs up that portion of half wall that you should normally not be able to climb, you should be half on the roof and half on the half wall.

7) Once half on the roof just...jump and you should be on the roof completly. Note: Try expirimenting by jumping from roof to roof and you'll find you can go to some awsome places.

C) Get in cornor wall the fish market and the seal plant base:

1) This is just like the last glitch I explained you want to be in the spot where you can climb and plant at the same time, once there plant then climb then rotate your crosshairs twords the wall to your left and climb in.

D) Get in the stairs next to the fishmarket:

1) This is a T-Bone glitch.

2) First go to the stairs that are on the out side of the fishmarket(the one's that face twords the terrorist spawn in your going down them.

3) Have the person who wants to get t boned in to the stairs get into prone face the terrorist spawn.

4) Once the player is in prone have the t boner (LOL) crouch on their head.

5) Once you are crouched on their head have them use the d-pad and snap out to the left or right and they should fall in.

Note: If any of the people involved in this glitch is host you cannot do it.


Now this will be done in a respawn game. Now kill ur self and pick a new weapon, then when it says respawn click R2 and X at the same time, this should respawn and ur weapon exchange screen should be stuck on the screen. If done right you should be invisable.


Well grab the hostages, then bring them to extraction. Then once one starts to disappear shoot next to its feet, now just keep shooting, hold select and watch ur points go up. Note:Pick a fast weapon to do this glitch, also this does lower rank bad trust me.


Were the Terrists side there is a opening near the bridge and tunnel. In that area there is a mounted machine gun and infront of that are sand-bags. Jump on the middle of the sad-bags and laydown. You then move till u fall threw the sand-bags and u can then shoot and hide there. (cant move once u fall threw-stand up to get out)


On the left of the terrist side there is a radio tower u can blow up. Next to that there is boards that the seals blow up to enter the terrist base. To the right of the boards there is a little wall that can go on top of using the hill next to it on the right. Go up the hill and jump on top of the wall and move till u fall threw. Then u can stay in the wall and take out seals as they come to enter.


after killing the person,do the victory dance.make sure you do the backflip.after that,in mid air,keep tapping X as using ur (right)joy stick(tip:make sure u keep turning it around as tapping X) then keep doing it untill he touches the ground!!!


this one is the funniest glitch of all. what it does is it unlocks the chat anywhere. the code is= ~$~$~$~$~$


In the sub- There's 2 boxes that you can climb on and then onto the top of the sub. Well go right in the middle of the 2(don't HAVE too but it's easier). Hold UP on the joystick and hit your climb button, you should bounce off the wall above and back onto the ground again and it should say climb, hit climb again and start holding DOWN on the joystick while repeatedly hitting the climb button. It'll suck you backwards and down to the bottom of the sub. So in short, you'll get knocked off the boxes so just go up to it, and keep hitting the climb button as fast as you can, and change the direction of the joystick from UP the first time to DOWN the second and back and forth til you go in. (Best used with a sniper rifle)


1.Set your primary as L1.

2. Get your handgun out walk up to anything that you can climb.

3. Hit X to climb and immediatly after hitting X hit L1 and your primary should be through your head.

4. Shoot and you got yourself a flaming head.


Required: Nothing When you see a person running from a far distance, unplug your Ethernet Cord and you will see the person skipping in place. Shoot the person once in the head, then wait a second, then shoot him once in the head again and plug your Ethernet Cord back in. The kills somtimes vary.


if the creaters of the game find you glitching they will ban you from the game!

more glitches on the way!

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