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There are approximately 28 million cars on Britain's roads today. Almost 60% of which need some form of a cosmetic revamp. The remaining 40% will also need a cosmetic revamp at some point. So there is a big demand for jobs like this, the problem is, for the average car owner, the price? Well, allow me to explain. For example, if someone was to bump a shopping trolley into your passenger door and made a small dent and a scratch, let's say 30mm long. You could take your vehicle to a garage and they would charge you approximately 150. Sounds expensive huh? The reason for this is because of the materials a garage would use, if you take a look at the picture on the left you can see this paint-sprayer is respraying the whole panel. Well we have been researching for a number of years into how the cost of these minor repairs could be reduced. The solution is to use a selection of fine airbrushes and a special UV Lacquer to create a repair about 50mm long around the 30mm scratch. That is why our prices are so competitive, we use much less materials so we can charge you less, it's as simple as that.


Our services consist of: Paint repairs to scratches and dents, Interior and upholstery repairs, Dashboard repairs, Sign writing and also one of our experts can do Airbrush artwork onto your motorbike, car or lorry. We are based in Peterborough and we are a mobile company so if you would like a quote please email for an initial quote. We can provide our services to anywhere in East Anglia.