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Alonza Starshine of Griffon Hollow

Name: Alonza Starshine
Real Name: Matt Spears
Favorite Class: Wizard
Class(es) Played, Level:
Wizard, 6th
Healer, 4th
Assassin, 3rd
Warrior, 2nd
Monk, 2nd
Barbarian, 1st
Druid, 1st
Favorite Monster: Extra-Planur Entity
Positions Held: Sleeping Dragon Sheriff, Sleeping Dragon Regent, Sleeping Dragon Prime Minister, Sleeping Dragon Assassin Guildmaster, Sleeping Dragon Wizard Guildmaster, Sleeping Dragon Webmaster, Pantur Regent, Pantur Wizard Guildmaster, Pantur Webmaster
Fighting Companies/Households: Griffon Hollow
E-Mail Address:
Favorite Quote: "The moon is so beautiful. It always glows bright, just like the look on my wife's face."

Alonza Starshine is from a small village known as Mydeel. It was destroyed by an evil geomancer named Zeto, who also abducted his wife Elcess. He wanted to defeat Zeto, and rescue his wife. Though, he had nothing to fight against him with. So, he headed to the land of Eisental, and decided to go to school at Griffon Hollow. He has mastered the art of wizardry, and is now on a quest to find Zeto, defeat him, and rescue Elcess.

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