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Alexios Chronis : email:

312 West Johnson Highway | Norristown, PA 19401 | tel: 610.279.3120



OBJECTIVE: To secure a position that would best utilize my programming skills as well as offer the opportunity for professional and personal growth.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Graduated: January 2003 Temple University, College of Science and Technology
GPA: 3.40

* Operating Systems: Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP /NT, Linux RedHat, Linux SUSE, MacOS
* Office Products: Microsoft Office 97 / 2000
* Development Toolset: Miscrosoft Visual Studio, JBuilder
* Platforms: Windows, Unix
* Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, VGL
* Graphics programming: OpenGL
* Graphics programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Quark
* Web development programs: Microsoft Frontpage 2000, Microsoft InterDev 6.0
* Software Engineering skills: System Architect, Case Tools, Testing and Integration methodologies, UML, Software Development Life Cycle.
* Mathematical programs: MatLab
* Biopharmaceutical Products: Sample Manager LIMS Application


* Procedural Programming
* Object Oriented Design
* Database Programming
* Application Programming
* Network programming
* Relational Database Methodologies
* Assembly Language Programming
* Web Development
* Graphical User Interface Design and Development
* Sorting Algorithms
* Search Algorithms using Stacks, Queues, and Binary Trees


Project Objective:

Develop and maintain a user-friendly online food delivery service for any college campus. Site availability would encompass customers, vendors, and
administrative personnel.

Project Result:

Site was completed using HTML, ASP, VBscript, and SQL. All data kept in several tables in a single database. User interfaces created using HTML and
VBscript. ASP used to link the interfaces and the database. Usernames and passwords for vendors and administrative personnel were also added for system security.

Customers had access to view menus, order items, access navigational help files, and view the status of a current order. Vendors had access to view their
accounts and modify their own menu. Site administrator had access to view current orders entering the system, change the status of each order from "new" to "in
delivery", print corresponding receipts, add and/or modify vendor accounts, and activate or deactivate the site.

Personal Contribution:

Designed, implemented and maintained:

* All graphical user interfaces using HTML
* Database set up
* Database population
* Navigational help files for all user interfaces (3 separate files)

Assisted with preparation of:

* Additional programming in conjunction with other group members
* Requirement and design documents
* Setting weekly goals and documenting timely goal accomplishments
* Oral presentation of project to various professors from CS department


Camelot Investment Advisers, LTD.
Wayne, Pa 19087 July 2001 - Present

Data Management Associate

* Coordinates processing of daily trades initiated by brokers using Fiserv system as well as complex spreadsheets.
* Responsible for maintaining daily updates of client portfolios.
* Calculates gains and losses of daily trades and creates worksheets based on this information for president and vice president utilization.
* Provides excellent customer service to various client requests via phone.
* Assists upper management with various duties as assigned as well as provides support to all coworkers as needed.

The Job Exchange
Collegeville, PA January 2005 - Present

Temporary at Lonza Group

* Coordinates production data using laboratory test schedules.
* Enters component, method, and specification data into a LIMS database using Sample Manager.
* Develops and tests analyses specific for each test schedule.
* Establishes analysis approval or rejection statuses by test procedural inspections.
* Responsible for obtaining and coordinating hazard, safety, and disposal routines for all samples to be used during tests and productions.
* Develops multi-level product specifications based on current test schedules and assigns certificates of accuracy upon request.
* Logs samples into the LIMS and follows FDA standards for documentation.
* Develops analytical calculations and programs them into the LIMS using VGL programming language.

Mario's Pharmacy
Norristown, PA 19401 June 1999 - June 2001

Pharmacy Technician

* Aided pharmacist in processing prescriptions, customer requests, and placed
pharmaceutical orders with vendors using online services.
* Responsible for stocking pharmaceutical supplies and properly attending to
perishable pharmaceuticals.
* Provided excellent customer service both in person as well as on the phone.
* Assisted cashiers during high volume by processing customer payments as well
as balancing the registers.