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About Me



    My name is Alexios Chronis (people just call me Alex) and I am a recent computer science graduate at Temple University in Philadelphia.   I am Greek-American, which means that both my parents are from Greece, but I was born in the United States.  I believe I am pretty lucky to have been born in this country, but raised in a traditional greek upbringing.  I have learned to live in a world that is ever changing with technology, education, and democracy.  But, in addition, I have also inherited wisdom, history, and language from my greek heritage.  


    I recently graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's of science in computer science.  Why computer science?  Well, I've always had an interest in computers and wanted to learn how to program.  The idea of running a program that I wrote really increased my fascination.  One of my many goals is to land a great programming job where my programs could be used to create new and emerging technologies. 


     My greatest weakness is my passion for video games.  I am soooo addicted to them!!   The game type I ultimately prefer would have to be RPGs (Role Playing Games...for those you have no idea what I am talking about).  I love how I can control a person on my screen and be able to customize that character or a multitude of them.  My most favorite RPG series would have to be the Final Fantasy series.  These games allow me to place myself in a world outside of the common-day reality.  My ultimate dream job would have to be working as a video game designer or programmer.  Just the idea of creating a character and being able to give that character motion, sound, and personality really pushes me further to learn more.  The more I play all types of games, the more I keep asking myself "how would a programmer do that?"