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Labcoat Chop's Ministry of Propaganda

Who I am...

Debating 304

Your comprehensive guide to becoming a master debater or as I prefer...a masterbater.
There are but a few key steps to make your debate masterbaterific:

1) Attack your opponent's credibility.
There's no better way to prove your point than to prove that your opponent is barely a person much less is qualified to speak about the issue in question.

2) Beg the Question.
I can't stress enough how important it is to beg the question, after all, if you don't beg the question it won't give you any nice things now will it? Assuming your conclusion is true while still muttling through your premises is a nice time-saving feature for any debate.

3) Get really damn mad!
the louder and more adamant you get, the righter you become.

More to follow...

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