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Just start the music and enjoy the site!Hi I like starcraft and if you came to this page I bet you do too. If you think Zealots, Firebats, and Dragoons are cool you came to the right place! This pic. of Fenix is really cool 1 of my personal favorites! Well even though he is the first "real" unit of Protoss he is still very good with:

Minerals: 100
Gas: 0
Armor: Light
Hit Points: 80
Shields: 80
Ground Attack: 16
Air Attack: 0
Attack Range: 1
Psi: 2
With a pack of 12 Zealots, 12 Goons, 3 Observers, and 6 Carriers you could majorly kick butt! <

I'll save some other pics. for the rest of the site!

Ok here are some little FAQ's & Tips:
1. Protoss usually will have the advantage over Zerg!
2. A Carrier is only really good in a pack!
3. You probably wont want to go all Probes LOL!
4. The best ground attackers of Protoss are DT & Archon!
5. For Zerg you should probably build many Sunken colonies at first.
6. If you are Zerg and the enemy is Zerg build Sunken & Spore colonies at their base!
7. If you have a Dark Archon and there are enemies of Zerg and Terran, take an army and bust in there base w/a Dark Archon and take an Scv and Drone then ruuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDER CONTRUCTION!!!!!