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The following posts are gathered from genealogy inquiry posts on the web for Blansit, Blancet, Blanset and other variations of our surname.


James Preston BLANSIT (b 1858, TX) m. Nancy Ella HARRINGTON
Posted by: Nancy Hughes Date: April 16, 1998 at 00:32:07

I am seeking information about the parents of James Preston BLANSIT (b. Oct 1858 in TX). The family oral history of James Preston is that he was raised by his grandmother. Then when he was about 14 years old, his grandmother send him down the road to get some coal when the fire went out. But, he left and never came back home. He, supposedly, rode with some outlaws, i.e., Jesse James and others. James Preston BLANSIT married 16 Dec 1883 to Nancy Ella HARRINGTON (b. Dec 1863 in MS). According to the 1900 federal census, Nancy had six living children out of ten births. It is noted that her father was born in NC and her mother was born in AL. It is noted that the father of James Preston BLANSIT was born in AL. James Preston and Nancy Ella had the following children: Charles Walter BLANSIT (b 22 Dec 1886, Palo Pinto, TX - d 22 Oct 1970, Dennison, TX Railroad Hosp.) who married 15 JUL 1906 to Elizabeth A. ANDERSON (b 2 Feb 1887, Alvord, Wise Co., TX - d. Pittsburg Co., OK); Benjamin Arthur BLANSIT (b Oct 1888, TX); Nelson Henry BLANSIT (b Mar 1892, TX); James Preston BLANSIT, Jr. (b Jul 1895, OK); John Wesley BLANSIT (b Feb 1898) who had four daughters; Mary Ella BLANSIT; Fannie Ann BLANSIT (a twin); Frank BLANSIT ( (a twin).I would welcome any data regarding the ancestors or descendants of this BLANSIT family.Nancy Hughes [ ]

Posted by: Norman Thomas BLANSETT Date: May 03, 1998 at 11:46:51

I am working on BLANSETT geneology and have determined that; BLANSIT and BLANSETT CAME FROM BLANCETT in the border areas of Ga, Al, Tn. My great grandfather, Thompson BLANCETT, left Dekalb county, Al after the civil war and came into Ar .I have much info to share.

Norman Blansett

Blanset/ts of PA
Posted by: Ruth L. Steach Date: May 23, 1998 at 11:42:12

Joseph Blanset 1802(m Peggy Penrod) children: Isaac, George Sylvester, Mary Ann (Friedline), Susanna(Taylor), Eliza Ellen(Lohr), Joseph S, John A, and
William J 1844 m Julia Custer
children: George Henry, Emma Maggie (Richardson), Effie H, Ross E, John H, Mary (Proctor), Homer M, Lucy (Pebley/


Posted by: Don Glossinger

Hello Cousin,

I am also descended from Peter Blansett. You probably already know about the book John C. Rowland: Missouri Pioneer and His Kin. There is a lot about Blansetts in it. It does connect St. Louis with Robert Majors. I have worked hard, but have made little progress on Peter Blansett b. ca 1792. Drop a line if you get time.

Posted by: john c blansett Date: July 18, 1998 at 23:20:29

my father was geo blansett born in mcalester okla about 1890-95 my grandfather was john c blansett .my grandmother,s maiden name was alice sparks my aunt was jeannette blansett(culver)

Re: James Preston BLANSIT (b 1858, TX) m. Nancy Ella HARRINGTON
Posted by: Tommy LeDon Blansit, Sr. Date: August 14, 1998 at

I am from Dekalb County Al.
I am the son of Loy Thomas Blansit.
My Great-Grandfather was James Nuet Blansit.
James Blansit had fifteen brothers and sisters. Some of which moved to Texas, Georgia, and Tennesse.
Please feel free to E-mail me


My grandmother was a Blansit before she married (Kate Mae Blansit/Born:05/18/1891). She was born in Rising Fawn, GA (Dade County) but lived most of her life and buried in Chattanooga, TN. I'm told she had eleven brothers and sisters but I only have the names of 10. One of her brothers name was John C. Blansit. Could it be the same one or an ancestor? Please let me know (or any other info that might help me with my tracing efforts).
Thank You

Re: Blansits in and around Valley Head, AL
Posted by: Deb Blansit Date: October 04, 1999 at 20:40:49

My grandfather was Chester Blansit of Valley
Head, Al. His father was James Newton Blansit. Kate and Chester were brother and
sister. James Newton Blansit was the son of
Clement Blansit and Eliza Jane Lee. My father
was Austin Blansit. Please feel free to Email
me with any info. on the Blansits as I am very interested in my family history.

Re: Blansits in and around Valley Head, AL
Posted by: Jerry Blansit Date: March 18, 2000 at 20:30:53

Hello my name is Jerry Blansit and my grandpa name was Chester Blansit from Walnut Shade Mo. And my Grandma name was Mabel saint Clair and then Mabel Blansit And my Dad name is Ernie Blansit and I know that my kin folks are from Alabama maybe we are related.

Re: Blansits in and around Valley Head, AL
Posted by: Cheryl Date: July 22, 2000 at 15:58:53

Hello. I tried to send you an e-mail, but it was returned undeliverable. Here was my message:

My BLANSIT family descends from the James Preston BLANSIT/Nancy Ella (HARRINGTON) BLANSIT postings that you see at the genforum. However, I have come to
a deadend with James Preston's parents. You mentioned that James Neut had 15 brothers and sisters. Do you have their names? My James Preston (my grt-grandfather) supposedly was raised mostly by his grandmother (maternal or paternal??) and ran off at a young age. I was told by a 93-yr-old BLANSIT relative in Oklahoma (James Preston's first grandaughter) that when he lived with his grandmother it was in western
Kansas (thought I haven't confirmed that). I was thinking that maybe, by slight chance, he's one of those 15 brothers and sisters of James Neuts??? I think the dates would fit.
James Preston was born (so I've been told) in 1858.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas that might lead me in the direction of James Preston's family.

Family of Arch Dickerson Blansit
Posted by: Thomas Lee Blansit Date: July 21, 2001 at 00:58:21

My fathers name is Arch Dickerson Blansit, my grand father was Armstron Blansit, and greatgrandfather was Arch Dickerson Blansit. If you have any info or If you are related to me please send me a e-mail informing


I believe my gggrandfather, Clement C. Blansit, and Archibald D. Blansit were brothers. After the death of Clement around
1864 his widow, Eliza Jane, left Alabama with
her younger children and eventually settled
in Missouri. Her older children were left in
Valley Head with their uncle, Archibald Blansit. Myggrandfather,James Newton Blansit, was one of those children. I did
learn that Archibald, Sr. was in the military
and served as a Quartermaster in the Mexican-
American War. There are records to that effect at the Archives in Montgomery. Therefore, I believe we are most likely distantly related. Deborah Blansit

I am unsure if this is my branch of Blansit/Blanset/Blancett, My gg-grandmother is a Blancet according to my grandmother (unsure how name is spelled), her name is Sarah? "Sallie" Blancet and she married Henry Tripp, they raised their family in Dekalb and Jackson County AL. Their children are Nellie, Joseph, Elbert, Nick, Annie, Fracis Lula, cora, and Horace (all with last name Tripp) The story is that in 1913 or 1914 Sallie went to visit relatives in Arkansas and took Annie with her. She never returned, family history says' "she died with TB while there, as did Annie" Sarah, (sallie) was born in October 1871 in Al. her father was born in TN and her mother in AL. Any info would help. Thanks.

Posted by: Carlyon McKinney (ID *****5795) Date: June 22, 2002 at 11:01:51
In Reply to: BLANSIT / BLANCETT / BLANSETT, ETC. by Norman Thomas BLANSETT  

Hi Norman! I am a descendant of John Blanscet who was born about 1807 - 1809 either in Kentucky or Jackson county Alabama. He was possibly the third son of Peter Blancet and his first wife Lucy. My John Blanscet married Catherine Conatser in Jackson county Alabama and had two children with her. Their children were Nancy Elizabeth Blanscet and Andrew Jackson Blanscet. They moved to Marion county Tennessee before 1830. I am a descendant of his son Andrew Jackson Blanscet. What I wanted to tell you is I have a history of the Blancetts (or Blanscets) that was given to me and some information on my line of the Blanscets that I'll share with you if you want it. I would very much like to have your information if you don't mind. You can contact me at Thank you, Carlyon Sue McKinney

Hi Allen! If you will go to my website at and sign in using your dot net passport, and then scroll down the left side of my page and click "documents". Then click Blanscet files. Then click my file named Blancett # doc. Then scroll down until you come to Peter Blancett and Lucy____? (Peter of Peter's Pond) I think you'll find the information that you need there.

James Blancett and my gggggrandfather John Blanscet were brothers. They are thought to have both been the sons of Peter Blancett and Lucy. John married my ggggrandmother Catherine Conatser sometime in the early 1820's in Autauga county Alabama, (not Jackson county as I thought when I wrote that message.) John and Catherine moved to Jackson county AL after they married. Their three, (not two), children were born in Jackson county.

According to the file that I have Elizabeth was living with a Abraham Knertzer (Conatser) when she married James Blancett. The writer of this file thought she was probably his sister. I don't. I think she and my Catherine were his nieces. I think they were sisters and were the daughters of John Conatser and Nancy Howard. This John Conatser was born in 1774 in Rowan county NC and died before 1837 in Davie county NC. He was the oldest son of Johannes Nicholas Conatser and his first wife Catherine Hainline and was a older half brother to the afore mentioned Abraham Conatser. He married Nancy Howard about 1790 in Rowan county NC. She was born before 1775 in Rowan county NC and died before 1830 in Davie county NC.

The reason that I think this is the fact that no one has ever found any record of Johannes Nicholas Conatser ever having a daughter named Catherine. Also if you will, look in my Conatser files on that same website and click on my file named GENERATI.txt and scroll down to Generation Five, you will find that this John Conatser had a daughter named Caty, born about 1802, and another daughter named Elizabeth, born about 1804. This seems to me to be the most likely case. I believe they were sisters and they married two brothers.

I don't think my files say what happened to Elizabeth, though. Do you know what happened to James and Elizabeth? Could they have moved to Arkansas with my family?

Carlyon Sue McKinney

Posted by: Norman Blansett (ID *****7479) Date: August 29, 2004 at 08:44:16
In Reply to: Re: BLANSIT / BLANCETT / BLANSETT, ETC. by john c blansett  

Hello John C Blansett:

We are now enrolled in DNA testing to prove our relationship. so far we have five 12 marker matches on relatives using spelling ; BLANSETT, BLANCETT,BLANSIT.

We have entries spelled BLANSCET presently testing their DNA.

Please contact me at this address;

Norman Blansett