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Blansit Family Tree

Hello Friends and Family

Here is my semi-complete version of the Blansit Family tree. If you have a correction or additional information to ad to it please email me. My name is Ken Blansit and my father's name was Manford Lee Blansit. I have 6 brothers and sisters and we all lived in California until recently. My father was born and raised in Missouri and he also had 6 brothers and sisters. Actually he had 5 brothers and 1 sister. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the second to youngest and by far the best looking! :)

My grandfather was John Franklin Blansit called Johnnie. My grandmother was Martha Gideon Blansit. 

Don't be alarmed to see "not verified" near a name or mentioned in a comment. It merely means I didn't have first hand knowledge of this information and probably believe its accurate. All the information from my great grandfather, John C Blansit down should be accurate but his brothers, sisters and parents is where there seams to be a twist. On John C Blansit's death certificate he has his fathers name listed as John Blansit and mothers maiden name as Eliza Jane Lee. (Note I suspect the C for middle name is Chambers but have no supporting facts) I do not know if he provided this information or if possibly his son Chester Blansit did. Most sources suggest John Chambers father was Clement Clay Blansit which contradicts information on his death certificate. However Clement Clay Blansit was married to Eliza Jane Lee which is his mothers name listed on his death certificate. I can't find the answer to his fathers name as John and it bothers me, i know there's an answer to the puzzle I just can't find it. The confusing information of blansit, blanset, blancit, blancet and all the preceding with two tt at the end and then you mix in families naming their kids after uncles and aunts makes researching crazy. I just found a probable piece of the puzzle. Clement Clay died in 1862 and John Chambers was born in 1857 which means he was 5 years old. Clement had a brother named John Chambers Blansit born in 1827 and I bet that's the answer. See what I mean about the naming of kids after uncles?

New Confirmed Information

I have satisfied my standard for confirmation on who my great great great grandfather was thanks to researcher Ann Ogle and Janet Wright. His name was William Blansit, Blancet (Others too) born about 1793. 

The probate file for William Blansit, Blancet, Blanchet's estate. 


Transcribed by Janet Wright 19 March 2008 from a good photocopy of
original from the DeKalb County, Alabama courthouse made by Ann
Ogle. These are unnumbered loose sheets.

Document 1 – Will of William Blancet:

State of Alabama
DeKalb county
July 14th 1851

I William Blancet feeling I am about to depart this life do in the
presence of these witnesses make the following disposition of some of
my negroes – I want My wife Elizabeth to have Rena a negro woman as
long as she lives – and I want my beloved daughter Leanah Jane to
have Harriet a little negro girl my desire is that she should have
her as long as she lives as she is let to raise it will take[?] her
to make her equal to the rest of my children –
In testimony whereof we as witnesses assign our names the day and
year above written
R S Price    G H Blansit   D S Hoge

The State of Alabama
DeKalb County
On this the day of [blank] in the year A. D. 1831 personally appeared
before me Reuben Estes Probate Judge of the County and State
aforesaid Reuben S Price George H Blansit and Daniel S Hoge whose
name are subscribed to the foregoing instrument of writing as
witnesses who after being duly sworn according to law doth depose and
say that on the fourteenth day of July in the year eighteen hundred
and fifty one they were each present and standing near the bedside of
William Blansit in his last sickness and each heard him express his
desire that his property negro woman Rena & little negro girl Harriet
should at his death belong to the person named and be disposed of
according to the statements contained in the foregoing instrument of
writing to which their names are signed as witnesses and that he was
of sound mind and memery. Sworn to and subscribed before me the day
& year above written.
Probate Judge

R S Price            D S Hoge         G H Blansit

Document 2. -- Appears to be account of proceeds of estate sale [in
this document, “Do” means ditto, i e the same purchaser mentioned in
previous line]

November the 15th 1851

Elizabeth Blancet – one yoke of steers & waggons $40.00
Do – one sorrel horse [illegible word – bat? bad?
cart?] 30.00
Clement C Blancet – one Horse 25.00
Thomas Grayson – 3 head of cattle 14.75
A D Blancet one stack of oats $4.00
Elizabeth Blancet 2 pots 1 oven one skillet 2.00
Do 9 chairs, 2.00, Do 1 cupboard
5.00 Do 1 Coffee mill .50
Do 2 bolls 1 pitcher 1.25
Do 1 check reel .75
A D Blancet 1 round table 1.00
Do 1 Dining table 1.00
Elizabeth Blancet 3 trunks 3.00
Do 1 Jug .50 Do 1 Jug .50
A D Blancet 1 looking glass .25
Do iron wedge peaces[?] of chains 1.00
Elizabeth Blancet 1 pr stileards [?] 1.00
Do 1 sythe & cradle 1.00
A D Blancet one lot of tools 3.00
C C Blancet 1 matock 1 grub Hoe 1.15
Elizabeth Blancet 2 pr sheepshirz .50
Do one washing tub .30
Do 4 bedsteads 2.00
Do 2 feather beds & furniture 10.00
Do 5 bee [illegible word] 2.00
A D Blancet 1 still 10 tubs 30.00

Elizabeth Blancet $102.30
A D Blancet  40.25
C C  Blancet  26.15
Cash on hand  22.50

William Blansit to Hull & Spencer Dr.
To. Three dozen of Spencers Pills @ 3.00 per doz = $9.00
To. One dozen of Hulls Ague [Pills] @ 0.00 per doz = 9.00


William Blansit
By - one & 3/12 Doz Spencers Pills returned @ 3.00 = $3.75
By – 9/12 dozen Hulls ague Pills @9.00 = 6.75
Commissions for selling 2 .50


Due Hull & Spencer= 5.00

Addison Brainard (Agent)

Decalb Alabama
Sworn to and subscribed be four me this the 8th day of December 1852
Abner Phillips Justice of the Peace

Document 3 [this was not a very clear copy but most words could be
deciphered. No date, but after Elizabeth’s death so approximately

To the honorable Reuben Estes [name not clear but inferred from other
sheet] Judge of Probate Court of DeKalb County.

The petition of Archibald D. Blansit Executor of the last Will and
Testament of William Blansit, late of said County of DeKalb deceased,
and Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels rights &
credits of Elizabeth Blansit late of said County of DeKalb and late
Relict of the said decedent Wm Blansit, deceased. Respectfully
sheweth unto your Hon[?]

That said decedent Wm Blansit died seized and possessed of a certain
tract or parcel of land situate in the county of DeKalb and state of
Alabama and known as the North half (1/2) of the south west quarter
(1/4) and the East half (1/2) of the Northwest quarter (1/4) and the
Northwest fourth (1/4) of the South East quarter all of Section
Thirty-two (32) Township four (4) of Range Ten (10) East. The
Widow’s dower[? of?] the said Elizabeth Blansit never having been
assigned her, which constitutes an undivided interest in the above
described tracts or parcels of land, which interest petitioner prays
may be sold jointly with that portion belonging to said decedent’s Wm
Blansit’s estate.

That it is necessary to divide the before mentioned tracts or
[parcels of] Wm Blansit deceased and that the said lands cannot be
fairly equally and beneficially divided among the said heirs without
a sale thereof.

That said Wm Blansit left six sons and four daughters to wit: George
W. H. Blansit, A. D. Blansit, John C. Blansit, Clement C. Blansit,
Jasper N Blansit, Nancy A[?] married [unclear word] the wife of Jacob
Beane Sarah Ann the wife of William Hawkins, all of whom are of full
age, Mary Ann Missanine and Leanah Jane minors under the age of
twenty one years & [?unmarried?] all residing in the County of DeKalb
and State of Alabama except James P Blansit who resides in the state
of Arkansas but whose interest is represented by Archibald D Blanist
one of the Distributees of said William Blansit deceased by virtue of
a power of Attorney.

Petitioner further shews the said decedent died seized and possessed
of the following personal estate, to wit Rena a female slave of the
age of fifty-seven years, Silas a Boy of the age of nineteen years
Jane a female slave of the age of sixteen years, the widow’s
distributive share never having been assigned her & which constitutes
an undivided interest in said slaves above described as Admin of said
Relict Elizabeth Blansit prays may be sold jointly with that portion
belonging to said William Blansit’s estate which personal estate
petitioner alleges it is necessary to divide between the heirs of the
said William Blansit and the said Elizabeth Blansit Relict & that
said property can not be equally fairly and beneficially divided
among the said heirs without a sale thereof.

Petitioner prays therefore that such proceedings may be had in the
premises[?] as the law directs so that a sale of the above mentioned
& described land and seizing may be ordered for the purposes
aforesaid pursuant to the statute in such cases made and provided.
A. D. Blansit.
Exer of Wm Blansit
Adm Elizabeth Blansit
By Cooper Bain[?] & Nicholson

Document 4 [loose sheet, folded for file box]

[Outer cover:]
A D Blanset Executor of Wm Blansit decd vs The heirs at Law of Wm
Blansit decd
In the Probate Court DeKalb County
Filed 20th November 1855

[Main sheet]
The heirs at Law of
Wm Blansit late of DeKalb County decd
In the Probate Court of DeKalb County Interrogatories to be
propounded to John S White, & A A Hughes witnesses whose testimony is
material in a certain cause now pending in the Probate Court of
DeKalb County wherein A.D. Blansit Exer of the last will and
Testament of Wm Blansit late of said county dec’d is plaintiff and
The heirs at law of the said Testator are defendants.

Int’y 1st: Are you or not acquainted with the parties to this suit?
Int’y 2nd: Are you or either of you acquainted with the lands
belonging to the Estate of Wm Blansit decd lying & being in DeKalb
County, to wit, the N ½ SW qr E ½ NW qr, & NW ¼ SE qr all Section 32
T4 R10 East
Int’y 3d. If you state whether it would be to the interest and
advantage of said Estate and the Devisees & Distributees thereof to
sell said lands for a distribution among the said Devisees &
Distributees of the said Estate or would it be no more [?] to the
interest and advantage oft he Estate of the said Testator & the
Devisees & Distributees of the said Estate to divide the same without
a sale, for the purpose hereinbefore set forth
Int’y 4. state all you may know which would tend to benefit the
Cooper & Nicholsen
Attys for Executor.

Children of William Blanchet Blansit Blancet

  1. Has Children Martin D. BLANCHET b: 8 FEB 1815 in Alabama
  2. Has No Children William BLANCHET b: 29 OCT 1816
  3. Has Children George H. W. BLANCHET b: 13 NOV 1818 in Alabama
  4. Has Children Nancy BLANCHET b: 16 MAR 1821 in Alabama
  5. Has Children Archibald D. BLANSIT b: 25 DEC 1822 in Alabama
  6. Has Children James T. BLANCHET b: 1 NOV 1824 in Alabama *Might be James P according to Williams Will
  7. Has Children John Chambers BLANSIT b: 22 FEB 1827 in De Kalb County, Alabama
  8. Has Children Clement Clay BLANSIT b: 20 DEC 1828 in Alabama or Tennessee and is my great great grand father
  9. Has No Children Jasper Newton BLANSIT b: ABT 1832 in Alabama
  10. Has No Children Sarah A. BLANCHET b: ABT 1833
  11. Has No Children Mary Ann BLANCHET b: ABT 1838
  12. Has No Children Leanna BLANSIT b: 21 OCT 1842

Children of Clement Clay Blansit #8

  1. Has No Children William A. BLANSIT b: 17 MAY 1846
  2. Has No Children James Newton BLANSIT b: 19 JUN 1853
  3. Has No Children Clement Clay BLANSIT b: 16 APR 1855 in Alabama
  4. Has Children John Chambers BLANSIT b: 12 NOV 1857 in Valley Head, De Kalb, Alabama and is my great grandfather
  5. Has No Children America Leanna Jane BLANSIT b: 13 APR 1860
  6. Has No Children Eliza Jane BLANSIT b: 13 MAR 1863 in Valley Head, De Kalb, Alabama

Children of John Chambers Blansit #4

Children 1st marriage mary jane galloway
  1. Has No Children Margaret Ader BLANSIT b: 6 JUL 1882
  2. Has Children John Franklin BLANSIT b: 10 FEB 1886 in Walnut Shade, Taney County, Missouri and is my grand father
  3. Has No Children Jefferson Siegel BLANSIT b: 29 DEC 1887 in Taney County, Missouri
  4. Has No Children Bonnie BLANSIT b: SEP 1895 in Jasper Township, Taney County, Missouri


2nd marriage of John Chambers Blansit

children of margerat elizabeth gill

bulletHas No Children Chester Lee BLANSIT b: 14 JUN 1900
bulletHas No Children Edith BLANSIT b: 22 MAR 1903
bulletHas No Children Living BLANSIT
bulletHas No Children Pansy Marie BLANSIT b: Private


   John Chambers Blansit       Mary Jane Galloway       Maggie Gill

Margaret Ader Blansit,        Ellen Ann Blansit,          John Franklin Blansit,         Jefferson Sigal Blansit,     Bonnie Blansit,            Chester Blansit  (note chester's mother was maggie gill I believe)

Lester Franklin Blansit,                  Lucy Blansit,                     Earl Blansit,                  Sanford Blansit,             William Wilbur Blansit,                  Robert Dale Blansit,           My Father  -  Manford Lee Blansit           

Paula Lee Blansit - Wagner      Bonnie Pearl Blansit- Durling        Lonnie Blansit   ( Manford's 1st Marr.)     Marlene Blansit - Peters    Alice Gail Blansit - Quayle    me - Kenneth Wayne Blansit     Darren Lee Blansit