On top-"I get to be on top"

Bend over-"Its time for me to bend over and recieve my destiny"

Bidding-"What is thy bidding my master".."Come to bed and f*ck me now".."Yes my master"

Big kiss

Bits-"I gotta see if me bits are still working"

Big one-"Look at the size of that thing doctor"

Blow me"www.blowme.com"

Boner-"I got a big boner right now"

Boning-"Young man you need to do some serious boning"

Both-"Those are yours?..both of them"

Both ways-"I wanna tell you I go both ways"

Dead sexy-"Im dead sexy"

Doggie-"I only know how to do it doggie style"

Spank-"if you spank it ..it will come"

On top-"I love to love you"

Hot stuff-"Looking for some hot stuff"

Have sex-"Are we gonna have sex or not"

Hurt you-"Do you want me to hurt you"

Kiss you-"God I wanna kiss you so bad"

Sexy body-"Look at my sexy body"

Dont f*ck-"Dont f*ck with me"


Evil girl-"Your an evil little girl"

Making love-"Are we making love now"

Hooters-"Nice set of hooters ya got there"

Hot-"Are you offering me something hot"

Nipple-"Im sure I can see a nipple"

Horny beast-"I was hoping you could help me solve the mystery of the horny beast"

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