Duck job-Got to heard to be appreciated

Pillow talk-"Thats what we call pillow talk"

Shag now-"Shall we shag now or shall we shag later"

Put your face-"Put your face between my big boobies"

Blow-"Oh Blow me"

Come-"Come and get it"

Hard-"I love it when you are as hard as a rock"

Wet-"Oh Baby when you cyber me you make me so wet"

Eat me-"Oh Yeah eat me baby"

Come-"Come and f*ck me now"

Cyber me-"The way you cyber me makes me so hot"


<BJ-"About to get a BJ"

<About time-"Its about time you got your little ass online"

<AHH-"A man groaning

<All women-"All women are 2 drinks away from a girl on girl adventure"

<Tease me-"Dont tease me baby ..please"

<Rough-"I love it when you get rough with me"

<Girls-"right in the mouth..every morning the same thing"

<I have you-"I have you every way anyone could ever imagine"

<Yes master

<Answer-"I've come to answer your prayers"

<Immense-"Have I mentioned Im immense and immortal"

<Slip into-"Wouldnt you like to slip into something more comfortable me maybe"

Stroking-"When I start making love I do strokin..(short song)

After dinner-"Aww hunny not now cant we wait til after dinner"

1 Husband-"Your a number one husband"

A blonde-"Do you think I would look alright as a blonde"

Oh Hello

Up your-"Stick it up your ass"

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