Big one-"My but you've got a big one"

Bunk up-"No tent up first,bunk up later"

Poke eye-"You're gonna poke someones eye out with that"

Puppy girl-Reference to sex games

Speed sex-The sounds of sex getting faster and faster

Trousers-"I didnt recognise you with ya trousers on"

Wooed-"You can be as wooed as you like"

wah wah-you'll recognise this musical ditty

Snaps-"I give this one 2 snaps and a twist"

10 Inch-"10 inches ,I aint cutting off 2 inches for no-one"

Gimme-"Gimme gimme,I want I want"

22 and hung-"Just cuz you're 22 and hung"

10 Gallon-"Is that a 10 gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show"

Body-"I'm gonna get you all alone"

Sex for idiots

Soon-"We'll soon get those off you"

Suck-"You suck cuz I told you to suck"

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