Men and women-"men are horny and women are hungry"

Bad phone sex-How not to have phone sex

Bad girl-"I'm a bad girl"

Balls-"Your balls are showing"

Balls-"Don't ever touch my balls"

Bad sex-"I'm upset about a bad sexual experience I had"

Bad girl

Bed springs

Been bad-"We been bad"

Bathtub-"I was cleaning it and it went off"

BEG-"I wanna hear you beg"

Big girl-"I'm a big girl in cse you hadn't noticed"

Best-"I'll give you the best blowjob"

Beg for it-"Tell me you want it etc...."

Big bra

Big cock

Big jugs-"Thats cuz you have big jugs"

Big stud-"take me to bed or lose me forever"

Big toy-"I've got a few places I'd like to put that big toy"

Bondage-"Too much bondage"

Breasts-"Sorry,I didn't hear you I was staring at your breasts"

Cyber head-"Cyber sex?..not now I have a cyber headache"

Mmmm-"Mmm you must know how horny I am"

quick sex-very funny

Wicked woman-"You are a wicked woman"

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