Asshole-"Attention attention,here is tonites AOL asshole"

Sucker-"Did you or did you not hear him being called an ass sucker"

AOL batman-"As a superhero I use AOL to keep track of my arch enemies"

A brawl-Sounds of a fight

Hookers-"I've never seen so many dead hookers in all my life"

Types-"We dont take kindly to your types around here"

Annoying-"I guess he finally found something thats as annoying as he is"

Asskisser-"Is it true that your an asskisser"

Ranger-"I dont think the rangers gonna like this"

Nickle-"I wish I had a nickle for every time I heard that"

As well-"That went as well as can be expected"

Ask-"Im gonna ask someone for directions"

Woman-"Well look at her,hey beautiful woman"

Door-"Theres someone at the door,should I get it"

Suggestions-"Any suggestions"

Bye bye


Awful-"Awful entertaining"

Ass walk-"I love watching your ass when you walk"

Sneezed-"eww your ass just sneezed"

Suck-"I know they suck"

Assistance-"Please stay online for assistance"

Ask you-"We'd ask you t come but you know"

Look bad-"Let me put it this way if you make me look bad hand is gonna smack you bitches up"

Any more-"Does this mean we're not friends any more"

Back off-"Back off or there will be trouble"

Bad attitude-"Soe of these guys have a bad attitude"

Connection-"we seem to have a bad connection could you speak up"

Liking-"I've taken a liking to all of you"

Cigarette-"Ah theres nothing better than a cigarette"

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