Its me-"Yoohoo,its me"

Snicker-"Thats not snickering I hear is it"

Age sex-"Time for an age sex check"

1 AM-"Its 1 am better go home and spend some quality time with the kids"

Best-"Happens to the bst of us"

Welcome back-"Welcome back hostie"(Thanx Sid)


Aint good-"i aint that good"

All about-"What the f*ck is this all about"

Moron-"We gotta moron in here"

Apologies-"A thousand apologies"

2 People-"2 people cannot fall in love sight unseen"

Special-"Aww isnt that special"

Fined-"You are fined 1 credit for violation of the verbal morality statute"


Shut up-"Ah shut up"

A drink-"You look like you need a drink"

Accept-"I've never felt so accepted in all my life"

Doing man-"How ya doing man"

Unf*ckin believable


Bitch-"What a bitch"

Bitch-"Get away from her you bitch"

Addicted-"I'm not addicted to wavs..Im not"

Dude-"Dude get me outta here"

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