Pooter-"I want to get online I need a computer"

Approval-"This machine has been submitted for your approval"

APB-"Forget that APB"

Appear-"I have a feeling I can get him to appear at my house"

A gun-"I have to have a gun its in the constitution"

Angel-"Im an angel...ok ok so the halo slips a little"

Test-"Shouldnt we do some sort of test"

Ride-"If a strange man offers you a ride ..I say take it"

Gamble-"Every day is a gamble"

Babo-"Uh oh Babo fall down ..go boom"

A gas-"Its been a gas"

Arent they-"Arent they cute"

Ashtray-"My mouth tastes like an ashtray"

Ass-"I want you boys to scream real loud at my ass"

Assman-"Im Cosmo Kramer the assman"

Bacon-"You know bacon gets a bad rap these days"

Bad dad-"What a bad father"

BBQ-"Im having a BBQ this afternoon"

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