Colour-"What colour is the sky in your world?"

3 shoes-"You're gonna be walking down the street with 3 shoes..2 on ya feet and 1 in your ass"

Foul tongue-"It's not necessary to lay a foul tongue on me"

Moron-"Uh oh we gotta moron here"

Speak-"From now on you will speak only when spoken to"

Raving-"Are you raving mad"

Territory-"You gotta be very careful when you enter into his territory"

Thanx-"Thanks a lot pal"

Who-"Who the hell are you"

Beat-"Say anymore and Im gonna beat the shit outta you"

Aint gonna-"I aint gonna touch it"

Add-"He has ADD thats why he is so jittery all the time"

Request-"Your request is like your lower intestine,stinking and loaded with danger"

Above law-"I am above the law"

Aging-"Your aging"

Aggravation-"Im right to expect nothing but aggravation from you anyhow"

Ah Sh*t-As it says

Ageing-"Theres nothing worse than ageing"

Aint seen-"You aint seen nothing yet"


Another scream

A woman-"Oh god its a woman"

Aint getting-"You aint gettin sh*t outta me"

Dont mess-"Dont mess with me I have my evil panties on"

AK 47-"the best there is when you gotta kill every Motherf*cker in the room"

All sick-"You're all sick"

Serve-"How dare you serve you those air suckers before us"

Hey you-"Hey you ..wake up"

Truth-"You want the truth..I cant handle the truth"

Dont like-"You dont like anything"

Dont mock-"Dont mock me you're playing with fire"

Drive me-"You're trying to drive me insane"

Hostile-"No human being ca carry that much hostility his entire life"

Hold-"Hold on to your butts"

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