Add up-"Something here just dont add up"

Fool-"You weak pathetic fool"


Monkeys-"And monkeys might fly out of my butt"


Fiend-"A fiend in need is a fiend indeed"

Swine-"You uncultured swine"

Trick-"Its a trick..get the axe"

Belt you-"I oughta belta ya"

Nuts-"Are you nuts"

Sucks-"This sucks"

Money talks-"Money talks and bullshit walks"

26-"I'll start treating you like a 26yearold when you start behaving like one"

Tomorrow-"By tomorrow you'll barely be able to breathe"

Brain-"His brain has gone"

Way out-"theres only one way outta here and it aint pretty"

10 dollars-"You couldnt catch crabs from a 10 dollar hooker"

8 years old-"You guys are so immature,act like 8 year olds"

Hen-"Im gonna get my gun and change you from a rooster to a hen"

8 Years-"she's the reason he spent 8 years in prison"

Custard pies-Sound of custard pies

Pig-"Yes sir you American pig"

A favor-"Could you do me a favor and shut up"

Bitch-"Bitch bitch bitch"

Bitch"Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch"

Fartboy-"bye bye fart boy"

Pathetic-"You'd be amusing if you werent so pathetic"

Dipshit-"F*ck you,you little dipshit"

Dirty girl-"Dirty dirty girl"

Adios-"Adios you chicken plucking little stinker"

Distubance-"Im a disturbance? you're the disturbance pal"

Nip it-"I say this calls for action now,nip it in the bud"

She kills-"She'll kill anyone that gets in her way"

Sick-"Id kiss you but doctor says Im sick"

12 Months-"He makes me crazy 12 months a year"

1 Thing-"That does it there is only one thing I can do"

1 Cop-"I am a cop and you will respectmy authority"

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