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Hi, Just click on the links below to get to the spell you want!

I will be adding more pages about spells soon so please stay posted.

Please contact me if you want anymore information on the web-address below.

Warning............... Warning........... Warning........... Warning.............. Warning..... Please Read First!

You must always Seek the appropiate advice and people. Spells are not always the answer and donot always work. Make sure that you always seek proper medical advice and If you have problems with bulling or someone is hurting you etc, make sure you see and tell the right people like your parents, doctor, Teacher, Youth worker, or ring childline a free service for young people on: - 0800 1111.

Protection Spell
Psychic Spell
How to Cast a Magick Circle- A must before most spell/ritual workings!
To Stop Bullying, or to make someone Chill Out. Take a Look!
To heal those aches and pains!
Chant for Inner Strength or When you are faced with a stressful problem
Owl Wisdom Spell!- A spell for wisdom and answers!
To Stop People Bothering You On The Internet!
New!!!!!!!! A spell to rid depression!!!!!!!