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Spring Equinox or Ostara

Date Celebrated: - 21st or 22nd March

Pronounced: - oh-star-ah

This holiday is sometimes called Lady's Day. This holiday resents the returning of fertility to the land. In some Wiccan traditionsthe week before the holiday each Wiccan writes down all of the things that they have done wrong to there family and friends. The week prior to this holiday the individual then goes around and tries to create balance with they have upset or done wrongs. The individual may apologise, poay back overdue lones etc. On the night of the Ostara celebration the Witch brings the list of what you have done wrong with all the things that you have done to make them right. In the ritual the Witch burns the paper writing vlean his or her Karmic slate.

Other celebrations are such as colouring eggs, and making paper chains etc.